Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My little TV star

I am always telling Mike I need to start ironing his shirts. All winter long he wore sweaters to work (to avoid ironing altogether), so this was a non-issue. Now that it's warmed up and the sweaters are staying in the closet, I feel like a lazy housewife whenever I see Mike hurriedly ironing in the mornings. He is very understanding to the fact that I do LOTS around here, and his wrinkled shirts just take a backseat in our closet. It's fine, he always tells me.

Yesterday morning Mike was running late for work. I'm always nagging him to get up earlier and leave sooner so he can get home before 6:30. Most evenings, because he gets home so late, he walks through the door and right into Will's fussiest time of the day. On top of getting up late, he had to iron his shirt. Mike, who is usually gone by 8:00, was still half-dressed in our living room at 8:12.

Yesterday morning Will woke up at 8:00. I grudgingly dragged myself out of bed and, like most mornings, he greeted me with a huge smile - it's one of my favorite things. Editor's note: 8:00 is NOT late, but when you've been up at least twice during the night, it sure FEELS late. After a quick diaper change, I brought him downstairs and plopped him in his walker (Will is never hungry first thing in the morning, as his appetite is adequately satisfied all night long). I flipped on the news and plopped down into the arm chair.

We were a rare sight. Gathering together in our living room with the morning news is something that has only happened - well, never. The stars were aligned.

At exactly 8:12 our son's picture flashed across the TV screen. I couldn't stop laughing. Mike couldn't stop asking questions (Wait-what? How is he on TV? Did you send in his picture?). Will, completely oblivious to the excitement around him, just hung out in his walker.

How is it that on THIS morning we all happened to be together to see Will's adorable TV debut? Never mind that it's just a 45 second clip on a local news show; this will easily go down as one of my favorite memories.

Last Saturday night Mike was watching Valkyrie AKA a movie I had NO interest in watching. I was bored and browsing the internet when I remembered the morning news segment I had seen a handful of times (I rarely get to watch the morning news). What the hey? I decided to create an account and upload Will's latest picture. I had no idea when and if it would be chosen for an actual broadcast. By the next day, I had forgotten all about it.

After it aired, I was dying to tell EVERYONE, but of course, wanted the video clip to accompany this very exciting announcement. I checked their website all day, but only little Elisa (the star of Friday's broadcast) was staring back at me. I got tired of seeing her. I decided to email the station. No response. I decided to call the station. I was told that the web guy had left for the day and to call back tomorrow. I woke up this morning and checked - still Elisa. I called the station again and got the web guy on the phone. He said it 'fell through the cracks' and he'd put it up. Five minutes (an email and 2 phone calls) later, it was there. So I'm slightly nutso.... Deal with it!

We're trying our best to keep Will grounded. Obviously he's adorable and it's fine for him to know that he is, but we can't let it go to his head or anything. No diva attitudes allowed. He's still required to take naps whether he likes it or not.

Here's the link to my little TV star's big debut:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Half a Year

Six months ago I looked at you and asked,
What do I do with you?
Now I look at you and ask,
What would I do without you?

That's right, I'm feeling extra sentimental today because my sweet baby boy is now 6 months old. Half a year. The time that moved ever so slowly during my too-short 32 weeks of pregnancy, is now quickly passing us by. Today is a special day for us.

Grandma (Will's, not mine) took the day off work and came for a visit. We brought Will to the mall to have some pictures taken. He looked adorable - he even smiled! We went out for lunch and bought Will a couple things from Macy's. Because, of course, he NEEDS more clothes. We had such a fun outing!

Daddy (Will's, not mine) came home from work earlier than usual, and as I type, there is a cake baking in the oven for this special occasion. Obviously the cake is for the adult portion of the celebration. But Will can watch us eat it. How fun for him.

Dear Will,

Six months ago today you entered the world under scary circumstances. After you were born, the doctor said you'd be in the hospital for at least 4 weeks. The nurses, being more conservative, said to expect you home closer to your due date. They explained to us that you were a 'wimpy white boy,' and those take the longest to go home. Naturally you proved everyone wrong with just a short 15 day stay.

We love you so very much and it's a love that gets stronger every day. Just like you. You are deliciously adorable. You are wonderfully stubborn and naughty. You are observant and curious. You are the funniest person we know. We think you are just perfect. If you want a trip to space camp, now would be a good time ask.


Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Destruction of a Baked Good

Today our lovely neighbor and her daughters brought us some delicious cupcakes. As always, where there's a Will, there's a story....
Are your hands yummy, Will?

What's that?

Silly baby!!

Yes, as I took the plate, Will lunged for a sweet treat of his very own. I'm endlessly entertained by my adorably mischievous little boy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A (fill in the blank) Weekend

It's been a few days since my last post, and in that short time, Will has changed so much. For starters, he's been trying really hard in recent weeks to roll from his back to his tummy. Well, he finally figured it out. At 4:15 on Friday morning. I was too proud to be annoyed. I woke Mike up with the exciting news. His response: Mmph. Loosely translated: Yay, Will!!! So far we haven't had a repeat performance. I anticipate many "HOW THE HELL DID I END UP ON MY TUMMY??!?" wakings in my very near future.

Will has learned something else. Unless I am giving my almost-6 month old too much credit here, I do believe he now realizes that rocking in the chair with a bottle, inevitably means he'll be going to bed. And soon. On Saturday we had our two friends come to visit, Maura and two-year-old Teressa. Towards the end of their visit Will was ready for a nap. When I brought him upstairs to begin the soothing process, he FREAKED a possessed baby freak-out. He was literally screaming; something I've only seen him do once before when he did not want to go in his carseat. He wouldn't stop and he wouldn't eat. I became so convinced that something was seriously wrong, I placed him in his crib to call the doctor. For all those beginning to wonder, Mike was not being neglectful - he was replacing our front door trim. I reached the after-hours nurse and explained this 'odd' behavior. She asked, Where is he now? I don't hear him. I explained that after placing him in his crib to call, he promptly fell asleep. I know, I know. Bear with me, though. In my defense, I've never really been THAT parent before. I heard her stifle a laugh and she began to tell me about the time she brought her daughter to the doctor after the first time she threw up. She said the doctor wrote "over-reactive mother" on the charge. She didn't need to say anything else after that. I got the point. Will continued his screaming fits before his other nap and bedtime. The stress of it all made me physically ill (of which, I'll spare you the details). Perhaps Will doesn't get his dramatics from his father after all.

On Sunday, Will was no better. In fact, his naps were so short, that he required 4 just to make it through the day. That's 4 screaming fits + 1 at bedtime. I've had to resort to 'tricking' him. See, Will, you're eating in Mommy's bed instead of the rocking chair. Guess you're not going to bed after all... Just kidding! I've worried over this all weekend. I thought it might be tummy pain (maybe he's backed up...?). I gave him some juice and he had a nice poop. Didn't help. I thought it might be teething pain. I rubbed some gel on his gums. Didn't help. It's pretty easy, at this point, to definitively say he's fighting me on going to sleep. He's playful and happy. He's eating well (he especially enjoyed his pears). He begins to scream as I lower myself into the rocking chair. He doesn't want to sleep.

Will and Ellie were relaxing on a pillow together this morning and, for the first time ever, he actually reached over and started to pet her. It was so cute, I reached for my always-close-by camera. I started to snap the picture and....

Incase you can't tell, Ellie is mid-freak-out because Will decided to pull her hair (the poor thing has no idea that this is just the beginning). Yes, I know Will is a baby and not fully aware of his actions here, but when you see the look on his face.... Isn't it so easy to imagine that he knows exactly what he's doing??? Goes hand in hand with all the trouble he's been causing around here lately. Are we in for it or what??!?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ah, Spring

Sun? Check. Foby? Check. Ellie? Check. Sunglasses? Check and check. We're ready!

Today we enjoyed a sunny day walk. Will was very quiet and seemed to enjoy looking around. We encountered a woman who told me, "Your dog is so cute." Ummmm... my dog? Did you not notice my baby's wearing sunglasses??? She obviously didn't see Will's shirt...

Yes, you certainly are, Will.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

It's been raining for the last 4 days, therefore, we've been stuck in the house. Let's see... since my last post: Will slept through the night twice, went to play group (neither one of us enjoyed it very much), started sucking his thumb, played, napped, ate. That's probably it. The sun is supposed to re-appear later this week, bringing with it temperatures in the upper 50's-60's. Here's hoping....

Since I have nothing much to write, I thought I'd create some lists -

Will loves:

  • standing (while supported, of course)

  • playing in the jumperoo

  • bananas

  • his dad

  • his reflection

  • 'talking'

  • being tickled

  • sitting in his highchair

  • listening to Scout sing

  • dancing

  • being undressed

  • having his diaper changed

  • his crib

  • snuggling with soft blankets

  • getting rocked before naps/bedtime

Will's showing more interest in:

  • watching Ellie and Chewie play

  • 'drinking' from my glass

  • watching Sprout (but only if he's on our bed, propped with a pillow on his tummy)

  • watching babies laugh on You Tube

  • going for walks in his stroller

  • rattles

  • car rides!

  • smiling/laughing after he farts

  • napping

  • holding his own bottle

  • sleeping through the night

Will's losing interest in:

  • his infant swing

  • taking baths in his baby tub

  • playing while laying on his back

  • rolling over

  • pacifiers

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Night in the Life

6:45 pm - Will goes to bed
9:45 pm - Will wakes up. He eats 3 oz. and goes back to sleep.
12:30 am - Will wakes up. He eats 5 oz. and goes back to sleep.
2:00 am - Will wakes up. Mommy ignores him while he alternately screeches and fusses for 22 minutes.
5:30 am - Will wakes up. He eats 4 oz. and goes back to sleep.
8:15 am - Will wakes up, ready to start the day.
The nighttime hours of March 9th-10th - Will apparently thinks he's a newborn again.
G'night, all. I'm taking a nap.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend

After many weeks of snow, and cold, and being cooped up in the house, temperatures this weekend soared into the upper 50's. Not exactly balmy, but certainly warm enough to *finally* enjoy some time outside.
March 11th will be the 5th anniversary of our first date. Mike and I always celebrate by returning to the same restaurant, PF Chang's, for a dinner date. This year, however, we had to switch it up a bit. With March 11th falling on a Thursday, and us not wanting to endure a dinner outing with our spirited and rather unpredictable little fella', we decided to head out on Saturday. And although it qualified us for the early bird special, we decided afternoon would be the safest time to venture out. Will was PERFECT in the car, which for him, is unusual. Traffic was a nightmare (not surprising for the DC area), and yet Will, who was wide awake in the back seat, happily played with his rattle for the entire ride. Mike and I couldn't believe it. When we arrived at the restaurant, Will couldn't have been more pleasant. He was happy and smiley, all the while looking adorable in his overalls. Many a' old person (early bird special, remember?) stopped to comment on his cuteness. Why thank you. Yes, he is normally a very happy baby, we lied. Once the food arrived, IT happened. Our adorable baby, was suddenly in need of a nap, and he wanted the whole restaurant to know where he stood on the matter. You see, Will is not content to just fall asleep in my arms, or in his car seat. He NEEDS to be awake. Always. Only, in his overtired state, he doesn't realize how unpleasant he is to be around. He screams while he fights sleep. He arches his back and refuses to relax while I attempt to cuddle him. He goes from smiles to screams in about 3 seconds flat, so there's really very little warning. I was forced to shovel food in my mouth and walk him around the place while Mike paid the check. The GOOD news is, we're still at the point of receiving sympathetic looks from fellow patrons. I wonder at what point those looks change to ones of horror and disgust. Not exactly full of romance, but it certainly provided an opportunity for Mike and me (Mike and I? I'm drawing a blank...) to reflect on just how much our life together has changed over the last 5 years.
Sunday was pleasant again and Grandma (Will's, not mine), lured us to her house with the promise of chocolate cupcakes (for me) and tenderloins (for Mike). She delivered, as promised, and we had a delicious good time. Will enjoyed his first visit to the park. He played on the swing and was quite sad when it was time to go. While the day was not without back-arched, 'I don't want to take a nap' screaming, it was rather enjoyable.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Sitting Boy

Will is sitting!! Hurrah! Well, sitting in a slumpy, slouched-forward kind of way. He only lasts a few seconds before helplessly toppling off to the side (with Mommy catching him before there's a hard thud). But sitting is sitting, and at the risk of sounding like a delusional mommy, I'm counting it. Consider it officially recorded in the baby book. I admit, in the picture above, he's leaning on my leg (ie. NOT sitting), but I managed to snap a few pics of him REALLY sitting - with a few random shots of my leg, the blanket, a toy, and whatever else the camera captured as I was tossing it to the side in order to catch the baby. Today he was even stronger, sitting with his little back straight - for a few seconds anyway. He caught a glimpse of himself in the little play mirror and gave the biggest smile. I think he was as proud of himself as I was. My big boy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good news, Bad news

Ok, good news first. I only have 1 more pound to lose to get to my pre-baby weight. Go me! The bad news, I was pretty fat when I found out I was pregnant. I still have quite a ways to go.
Will decided to wake up twice last night - 3:30 and 6. He wasn't necessarily hungry; just wanting to slow dance. I guess. He's been a champion napper for the last couple of weeks, taking two 2.5 hour naps a day. Normally I put him down within an hour and a half of waking, which is when I can shower/clean house/internet browse/watch trash TV (probaby should throw a workout into the mix). Today, however, Will decided a nap was not part of the plan (HIS plan), and he was still chitter-chattering away 45 minutes later. Maybe I should've left him...? Not sure. I couldn't resist, though, so I brought him downstairs for some cuddles on the couch. Look at how happy he was...

All in all a pretty boring day at home. The main event will probably be a walk around the block with the doggie. We're so ready for spring.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Monday...

Can you imagine the joy one feels after waking up at 7:15 and realizing your baby, for the first time in 5 months, was not the one to wake you? Yes, there was much celebration in the Harmsen household this morning because sweet William slept from 8-7:30 - without waking once! I'm trying not to get too excited (easier said than done), since it has the potential of being a one-time only event. Here's hoping...
After not leaving the house for nearly a week, I decided Will and I were in need of an outing. Lately, Will has been feeling really heavy in his sling, so after doing some research on carriers, I decided I'd try to make one. Off to Wal-Mart we went to examine fabrics and pick up some essentials. I was looking for jersey knit, which they didn't have, so we made a stop at an actual fabric store on the way home. Will insisted on being awake the entire time, and was rather well-behaved with minor freak-outs in the fabric section and at the register. I knew taking him out during naptime was risky (to say the least), but I can't always be a slave to my baby's schedule. Wouldn't want to be that mom! When we returned home, Will sat nicely (unstrapped) in his carseat and watched me cut and piece together our new contraption. From here on out, it will be referred to as our Foby (Fake+Moby=Foby). Will was, at this point, ready for a nap, but he kindly posed for some pictures in our new creation. Here they are: