Monday, March 8, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend

After many weeks of snow, and cold, and being cooped up in the house, temperatures this weekend soared into the upper 50's. Not exactly balmy, but certainly warm enough to *finally* enjoy some time outside.
March 11th will be the 5th anniversary of our first date. Mike and I always celebrate by returning to the same restaurant, PF Chang's, for a dinner date. This year, however, we had to switch it up a bit. With March 11th falling on a Thursday, and us not wanting to endure a dinner outing with our spirited and rather unpredictable little fella', we decided to head out on Saturday. And although it qualified us for the early bird special, we decided afternoon would be the safest time to venture out. Will was PERFECT in the car, which for him, is unusual. Traffic was a nightmare (not surprising for the DC area), and yet Will, who was wide awake in the back seat, happily played with his rattle for the entire ride. Mike and I couldn't believe it. When we arrived at the restaurant, Will couldn't have been more pleasant. He was happy and smiley, all the while looking adorable in his overalls. Many a' old person (early bird special, remember?) stopped to comment on his cuteness. Why thank you. Yes, he is normally a very happy baby, we lied. Once the food arrived, IT happened. Our adorable baby, was suddenly in need of a nap, and he wanted the whole restaurant to know where he stood on the matter. You see, Will is not content to just fall asleep in my arms, or in his car seat. He NEEDS to be awake. Always. Only, in his overtired state, he doesn't realize how unpleasant he is to be around. He screams while he fights sleep. He arches his back and refuses to relax while I attempt to cuddle him. He goes from smiles to screams in about 3 seconds flat, so there's really very little warning. I was forced to shovel food in my mouth and walk him around the place while Mike paid the check. The GOOD news is, we're still at the point of receiving sympathetic looks from fellow patrons. I wonder at what point those looks change to ones of horror and disgust. Not exactly full of romance, but it certainly provided an opportunity for Mike and me (Mike and I? I'm drawing a blank...) to reflect on just how much our life together has changed over the last 5 years.
Sunday was pleasant again and Grandma (Will's, not mine), lured us to her house with the promise of chocolate cupcakes (for me) and tenderloins (for Mike). She delivered, as promised, and we had a delicious good time. Will enjoyed his first visit to the park. He played on the swing and was quite sad when it was time to go. While the day was not without back-arched, 'I don't want to take a nap' screaming, it was rather enjoyable.

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Erin said...

I saw on your FB that you guys went to PF Chang's. I was wondering how he did. Sorry you had to cut your dinner short but I sure do wish I had some chocolate cupcakes!