Monday, March 22, 2010

A (fill in the blank) Weekend

It's been a few days since my last post, and in that short time, Will has changed so much. For starters, he's been trying really hard in recent weeks to roll from his back to his tummy. Well, he finally figured it out. At 4:15 on Friday morning. I was too proud to be annoyed. I woke Mike up with the exciting news. His response: Mmph. Loosely translated: Yay, Will!!! So far we haven't had a repeat performance. I anticipate many "HOW THE HELL DID I END UP ON MY TUMMY??!?" wakings in my very near future.

Will has learned something else. Unless I am giving my almost-6 month old too much credit here, I do believe he now realizes that rocking in the chair with a bottle, inevitably means he'll be going to bed. And soon. On Saturday we had our two friends come to visit, Maura and two-year-old Teressa. Towards the end of their visit Will was ready for a nap. When I brought him upstairs to begin the soothing process, he FREAKED a possessed baby freak-out. He was literally screaming; something I've only seen him do once before when he did not want to go in his carseat. He wouldn't stop and he wouldn't eat. I became so convinced that something was seriously wrong, I placed him in his crib to call the doctor. For all those beginning to wonder, Mike was not being neglectful - he was replacing our front door trim. I reached the after-hours nurse and explained this 'odd' behavior. She asked, Where is he now? I don't hear him. I explained that after placing him in his crib to call, he promptly fell asleep. I know, I know. Bear with me, though. In my defense, I've never really been THAT parent before. I heard her stifle a laugh and she began to tell me about the time she brought her daughter to the doctor after the first time she threw up. She said the doctor wrote "over-reactive mother" on the charge. She didn't need to say anything else after that. I got the point. Will continued his screaming fits before his other nap and bedtime. The stress of it all made me physically ill (of which, I'll spare you the details). Perhaps Will doesn't get his dramatics from his father after all.

On Sunday, Will was no better. In fact, his naps were so short, that he required 4 just to make it through the day. That's 4 screaming fits + 1 at bedtime. I've had to resort to 'tricking' him. See, Will, you're eating in Mommy's bed instead of the rocking chair. Guess you're not going to bed after all... Just kidding! I've worried over this all weekend. I thought it might be tummy pain (maybe he's backed up...?). I gave him some juice and he had a nice poop. Didn't help. I thought it might be teething pain. I rubbed some gel on his gums. Didn't help. It's pretty easy, at this point, to definitively say he's fighting me on going to sleep. He's playful and happy. He's eating well (he especially enjoyed his pears). He begins to scream as I lower myself into the rocking chair. He doesn't want to sleep.

Will and Ellie were relaxing on a pillow together this morning and, for the first time ever, he actually reached over and started to pet her. It was so cute, I reached for my always-close-by camera. I started to snap the picture and....

Incase you can't tell, Ellie is mid-freak-out because Will decided to pull her hair (the poor thing has no idea that this is just the beginning). Yes, I know Will is a baby and not fully aware of his actions here, but when you see the look on his face.... Isn't it so easy to imagine that he knows exactly what he's doing??? Goes hand in hand with all the trouble he's been causing around here lately. Are we in for it or what??!?

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Rebecca said...

I'm sorry, but that really was a joke about Will even POTENTIALLY taking after his father for being dramatic........? ;)

~ Becky