Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My little TV star

I am always telling Mike I need to start ironing his shirts. All winter long he wore sweaters to work (to avoid ironing altogether), so this was a non-issue. Now that it's warmed up and the sweaters are staying in the closet, I feel like a lazy housewife whenever I see Mike hurriedly ironing in the mornings. He is very understanding to the fact that I do LOTS around here, and his wrinkled shirts just take a backseat in our closet. It's fine, he always tells me.

Yesterday morning Mike was running late for work. I'm always nagging him to get up earlier and leave sooner so he can get home before 6:30. Most evenings, because he gets home so late, he walks through the door and right into Will's fussiest time of the day. On top of getting up late, he had to iron his shirt. Mike, who is usually gone by 8:00, was still half-dressed in our living room at 8:12.

Yesterday morning Will woke up at 8:00. I grudgingly dragged myself out of bed and, like most mornings, he greeted me with a huge smile - it's one of my favorite things. Editor's note: 8:00 is NOT late, but when you've been up at least twice during the night, it sure FEELS late. After a quick diaper change, I brought him downstairs and plopped him in his walker (Will is never hungry first thing in the morning, as his appetite is adequately satisfied all night long). I flipped on the news and plopped down into the arm chair.

We were a rare sight. Gathering together in our living room with the morning news is something that has only happened - well, never. The stars were aligned.

At exactly 8:12 our son's picture flashed across the TV screen. I couldn't stop laughing. Mike couldn't stop asking questions (Wait-what? How is he on TV? Did you send in his picture?). Will, completely oblivious to the excitement around him, just hung out in his walker.

How is it that on THIS morning we all happened to be together to see Will's adorable TV debut? Never mind that it's just a 45 second clip on a local news show; this will easily go down as one of my favorite memories.

Last Saturday night Mike was watching Valkyrie AKA a movie I had NO interest in watching. I was bored and browsing the internet when I remembered the morning news segment I had seen a handful of times (I rarely get to watch the morning news). What the hey? I decided to create an account and upload Will's latest picture. I had no idea when and if it would be chosen for an actual broadcast. By the next day, I had forgotten all about it.

After it aired, I was dying to tell EVERYONE, but of course, wanted the video clip to accompany this very exciting announcement. I checked their website all day, but only little Elisa (the star of Friday's broadcast) was staring back at me. I got tired of seeing her. I decided to email the station. No response. I decided to call the station. I was told that the web guy had left for the day and to call back tomorrow. I woke up this morning and checked - still Elisa. I called the station again and got the web guy on the phone. He said it 'fell through the cracks' and he'd put it up. Five minutes (an email and 2 phone calls) later, it was there. So I'm slightly nutso.... Deal with it!

We're trying our best to keep Will grounded. Obviously he's adorable and it's fine for him to know that he is, but we can't let it go to his head or anything. No diva attitudes allowed. He's still required to take naps whether he likes it or not.

Here's the link to my little TV star's big debut:

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Watch Calder Grow! said...

How awesome is that!! I am definitely going right to their site to see if I can get a TV star of my own. ;) Love Will's Easter hat!