Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain, rain, go away...

It's been raining for the last 4 days, therefore, we've been stuck in the house. Let's see... since my last post: Will slept through the night twice, went to play group (neither one of us enjoyed it very much), started sucking his thumb, played, napped, ate. That's probably it. The sun is supposed to re-appear later this week, bringing with it temperatures in the upper 50's-60's. Here's hoping....

Since I have nothing much to write, I thought I'd create some lists -

Will loves:

  • standing (while supported, of course)

  • playing in the jumperoo

  • bananas

  • his dad

  • his reflection

  • 'talking'

  • being tickled

  • sitting in his highchair

  • listening to Scout sing

  • dancing

  • being undressed

  • having his diaper changed

  • his crib

  • snuggling with soft blankets

  • getting rocked before naps/bedtime

Will's showing more interest in:

  • watching Ellie and Chewie play

  • 'drinking' from my glass

  • watching Sprout (but only if he's on our bed, propped with a pillow on his tummy)

  • watching babies laugh on You Tube

  • going for walks in his stroller

  • rattles

  • car rides!

  • smiling/laughing after he farts

  • napping

  • holding his own bottle

  • sleeping through the night

Will's losing interest in:

  • his infant swing

  • taking baths in his baby tub

  • playing while laying on his back

  • rolling over

  • pacifiers

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Well thats good on the pacifier - less likely he will be fighting you at 2 like some toddlers.

~ Becky