Monday, April 5, 2010

Almost summer?

Has it been a week since my last post??? Just about. We've been far too busy enjoying our warm spring weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90 degrees!! We had a fun weekend with Daddy (Will's, not mine). On Saturday we took Will to a park on the Potomac River for a picnic and a stroll. Of course, Will awoke on Sunday morning to a basket from the Easter bunny. He was gifted with a shopping cart/restaurant high-chair cover, lullaby CD, sippy cup, toy, and mirror for car rides. No pictures, I'm afraid, as I spent the last week without my camera, having forgotten it at my mom's the weekend before. It felt like part of me was missing.

Will was in a postively wonderful mood today. We went to the grocery store in the morning and played for a bit after we got home. Will took a 4 hour(!!!!) nap this afternoon, allowing me to watch The Young and the Restless and enjoy some lunch in peace. I even had time to do my least favorite spring chore: switching out the fall clothes and replacing them with summer wear.

Will's high spirits continued well into the evening, which was was awesome since Mike was rather late getting home. We grilled some hotdogs and had potato salad for dinner, which we enjoyed on a blanket spread out in the back yard with Will happily playing in between us. Ah-mazing.

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