Monday, April 26, 2010

Seven Months

For dinner tonight, I made Mike an already prepared meal that you heat in a skillet. Mike loves skillet meals. Loves, loves, loves. I don't know why. I think they're gross. None the less, whenever I make one, he gets crazy excited about the whole thing. Tonight he decided to break out his "fancy" World Market beer for the occasion. While drinking his "fancy" beer, he kept saying how "awesome" it was that it tasted like the batch he recently brewed. I guess it was "awesome" for Mike to confirm that the beer he makes tastes like, I don't know.... REAL beer? After about the tenth "awesome," I had to tell him, You know what's really awesome? Seven months ago today my body was sliced open and a human being was pulled out. Now that's AWESOME. I win.

Today Will is seven months old. Seven. And I was just beginning to get used to six. Just wow. Sometimes I look at him and still can't believe he's mine. Oh goodness; how I love him so. Love, love, love. Today, a trip to Target was made, fun was had, laughter took place, and of course, pictures were taken.


And I conclude this post with a video because, until tonight, I had no idea that getting hit in the face with your own pants could be so much F-U-N.

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