Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is fun?

With a 6 month old in the house, fun is to be had all day long. Will is quickly becoming a charming little man full of intense personality. He's also quite easy to entertain. A funny face or simply saying, "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle," is enough to send Will into hysterics. Does it get any better than this? Here are some things that Will thinks are really fun.

Tummy time is fun! But only in short intervals. It's even better when Mommy gives you the phone to play with.


Feet are fun!


Yesterday Will had his second session of physical therapy. I must admit, I haven't been diligent with neck stretches, so imagine my surprise when Shelly said he's made very good progress in the few times she'd seen him. I wanted to remind her that, in fact, this is only the second time she'd seen him, but it seemed a rather obnoxious thing to do; so I silently celebrated the growth and success he's made in just a week's time. Hooray for good progress! Shelly seems to think Will is more advanced than his adjusted age (when adjusted for his due date of Nov. 18, he's 5 months old), but his development isn't quite what's expected of a 6 (almost 7) month old. He falls somewhere in between, but she suspects he'll walk 'on time.' I'm in no rush for him to become mobile.

Our homework for the week is to encourage Will to reach for his feet, which will help to strengthen his stomach muscles (particularly the obliques). We got to work right away.

Eating is fun!
My little 4 pounder who couldn't leave the hospital until he learned how to eat is now quite the chowhound. Will is trying all kinds of new foods - and he seems to like them all.
Evading naptime is fun! The video speaks for itself.

Screaming like a pterodactyl is fun! Will's new trick, which he practices quite often.

Looking cute is fun! A skill Will mastered at birth (and probably even before that).


Dear Will,

Mommy's definition of fun is spending every day with you. And taking lots of pictures, which I think I'm getting better at. If practice makes perfect, I suspect I'll achieve perfection any day now. You make me want to be a better mommy. And a better blogger.

Love, Mom

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