Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Will is a pain in the neck! I mean, HAS.

Every Tuesday at 8 AM, Will has a standing appointment with a physical therapist. After last week's evaluation, today was our first official day. The term physical therapy may sound scary, but in Will's case, it's really not. Will was recently discovered to have some tightening in the muscles of his neck. I suppose in his great hurry to exert the 'excellent head control' noted by his doctor at his 2 month visit, he never really bothered to let those muscles fully develop. Rather, he brings his shoulders up to help hold his head. I imagine such a description forms quite an odd image in your head, but please consider the numerous pictures I shove down your throat. Have you ever before noticed his shoulders up to his eyeballs? That's because it's really not as bad as it sounds. I stare at Will all day every day and never even noticed. His therapist, Shelly, describes his case as 'mild' and doesn't expect to see him for very long. While I hate to think of him as having problems, as we sit in the waiting room with children in wheel chairs, I count my blessings that this, along with getting Will to sleep through the night, is our biggest one. For now, anyway.

To assist in Will's neck getting stronger, I was sent home with some papers showing different exercises to try. Will is not shy about letting me know when he doesn't want to do something, so the process will be interesting to say the least. I'm also considering taking him for some massage therapy. I think I hear my grandfather muttering something about yuppies and their wimpy kids from the grave.

The main thing we can do at home is TUMMY TIME! While he tolerates it much better than he used to, being on his tummy is not Will's favorite thing. He'd much rather play in his jumperoo, thankyouverymuch. However, the therapist said allowing Will to stand is not going to help the matter (and yes, Will is standing in his jumperoo as I type this - I can't cut him off cold turkey!), so I need to toughen up and enforce tummy time as much as I possibly can. After his afternoon nap, I put Will on his tummy to play.

He may not have been happy about it...

...but he lasted a full 20 minutes. Amazing!

And eventually, we had lift off.

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