Monday, April 19, 2010

The Young and the Curious

I suppose Will is your typical 6 month old. He loves his dad, makes a mess when he eats, essentially refuses to nap (really, Will, what can I do with 30 minutes?), and continues to assert his preferences at an alarming rate. Will is very clear on the fact that he'd rather stand than sit, dislikes tummy time, and I'm no longer allowed to have a glass of water without offering him some. I find his ever-evolving personality to be completely fascinating. Something that absolutely impresses me is his ability to focus. When introduced to new toys, or even toys he sees everyday, he studies them. He touches them. He puts them in his mouth. He becomes completely oblivious of my attempts to interact with him. He's completely focused.

Yesterday we brought Will for a visit with his grandma. Will is very lucky to have a grandma that bakes. On the menu: apple pie. As she was slicing apples, I remembered I had his mesh feeder in the diaper bag for such an occasion. For those that have no idea to what I am referring, it's essentially a little net sack with a handle. You can put a variety of foods in it, clip it shut, and Baby can chew and suck without the risk of choking. Will is still getting the hang of it. We decided to try it out with some fresh apple slices.

Studying it a bit...

I think Will likes apples.


Something that always gets Will's attention, though, is the camera. I'm sure it's a sign that I take too many pictures. No matter how involved with a toy he is, heck, even if the boy is crying his eyes out, he almost always stops to look at the camera.


Life is so full of excitement.... whether it's your first sip and swallow from a 'real' glass or your first taste of a fresh apple. I'm very grateful to experience all your firsts and re-learn the world along with you. I think you're a genius.

Love, Mom

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