Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Old

On Saturday, Mike stayed home with the little monkey and I went to my high school reunion. 10 year. The next day, I realized that I took so many pictures like this....
...if I didn't know better, I'd think the only person I reunited with is named Vodka. Who, by the way, hasn't changed a bit.

Pretty sure I could go at least another 10 years without hearing most of what's on this CD.

And if I needed further proof that I'm getting old, I went to Omar to get my hair done before the big event. He found a gray hair. I asked him to pull it so I could take it home to show Mike. Who had no interest in seeing it.

Gray hair??!? There's only one person to blame.
Where's Will?

Photobucket Oh! There he is! Pulling my curtain out of the wall.

But I love him so.

Dear Pretty, Shabby Chic Guestroom,

Thank you for a wonderful 4 and a half years. It feels like just yesterday I painted you pink while Mike was at work. Do you remember? Boy, was he surprised! You've hosted several guests, and provided Mike a place to do some good thinking on nights when he was banned from our room. But, sadly, you are no longer needed. Please don't worry. I have big plans for you.

Love, Carrie

I'm making Will his very own playroom. So far it has involved some painting and the purchase of a bookcase and futon.
Photobucket But the painting's not done yet. Think stripes.
Photobucket Pictures coming soon.

In closing, behold the most awesome bed head. Ever.


Becky said...

I guess it may have been asking too much to wait until after the weekend I come so that I have a bed, not a futon to sleep on? Ah well, I've slept on worse. Actually I slept on a futon for three years, so really it will be a wee bit like reliving law school.

BTW, Vodka is a good friend. Just not the morning after.

Erin Jones said...

That hair is probably the best picture you've taken yet. I laughed so hard. Miss you. :)

LeLe said...

I ventured over here from Babycenter. Epic bedhead. Love it. And Vodka ain't as friendly as she used to be once you're no longer 21. Matter of fact, vodka was never very friendly to me!