Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween weekend 2004: My friend makes plans with a friend (who also happens to Mike's friend). I tag along. Mike tags along. We meet at a restaurant. Drink. We go to a bar. Drink. Most importantly, I am introduced to my future husband and father of my darling boy.

Don't misunderstand this picture. This is NOT love at first sight. This is cheap beer and rap music. Or what I used to call "just another Saturday night."
October 30, 2004

Fast forward 6 years. Saturday nights have a whole new meaning.
This one in particular involved a picnic at the park and some playground fun. And I was in bed by 10:30.
October 30, 2010

I was really looking forward to Will's 2nd Halloween. So much so, that I had a hard time sleeping the night before. As I usually do, I had the events of the day planned out in my head and knew exactly how I wanted it to go. Lucky for me, sometimes things have a way of working out perfectly.

Confession of the day: I don't know how to use a knife. I mean, sure I can cut the meat on my dinner plate. But vegetables? WATERMELON??? Terrifying.
Mike had the honor of carving the pumpkin. Will helped by eating the pumpkin seeds.

Even the Harmsen animals got into the spirit of things. Oh, the things Mommy does to keep busy while Will is napping.

I really dislike our neighborhood - have I mentioned that before? We went to see Grandma and spent the afternoon watching our beloved Patriots, making pizza, and eagerly waiting for dark to come. Finally, it did.

Random notes:

I wonder what people think when one trick-or-treats with a baby. Do they realize the candy is actually for me? Or do I have them fooled?

Someone referred to us as "a big witch and a little pumpkin." Big. Witch. BIG.

We ran into a group of Russian tourists being hosted by my mother's neighbor. A lady pulled a Snickers bar out of her purse and gave it to Will. Then she patted his head all 'Good boy' style while her Russian friends took pictures.

We had a good time.
The weekend I met Mike. The first holiday Will ever celebrated. Call me sentimental, but Halloween will always be just a tad special.


The Midkiff's said...

I'm SO glad you gave me the link to your blog! I have one too (but I'll be honest, I haven't updated in aaaaaaaages!).

I won't have internet access for a while when we move to North Dakota, but I will definitely "keep in touch."

Cheryl Midkiff

Katherine said...

Dude. I can feel the heat in that first pic ;)

Love the pumpkin!

Erin Jones said...

We took Brendan trick-or-treating. We totally got called out for eating the candy when we passed by one old couple AFTER they put candy in his bucket....Brendan knocked his bucket down out of the stroller and the old man commented that it was already EMPTY. :)

Rebecca said...

Every time (twice) that someone came to the house with a toddler, I knew that I was merely giving the candy to their parents. I minded a lot less when the parents came in costume. Oh and the two dads that asked what the score was as they were suckered into going out rather than watching the game. (I was rocking the Vinatieri jersey for lack of better giving-out-candy-costume ideas....)