Monday, December 6, 2010


Cold temperatures have blanketed us in recent days, so we have resorted to blanketing eachother.

I don't mind the cold this time of year. With the Christmas decorations up, home feels so cozy. The cold just seems a perfect fit.

Speaking of Christmas, Will is loving our tree, the window candles, the singing snowmen... He's loving it all. While I'm preparing meals around the corner, I can always hear the distinct jingle that tells me exactly where he is.
Beneath the tree today he left me 6 ornaments and a spatula. Ho ho ho.

Clapping because Christmas lights are the COOLEST!


Because he brings me so much of it, you know.

Something else bringing me joy this week are all the packages I ordered during the after-Thanksgiving sales arriving at my door. Including these shoes.
Darling, no?

This post is a short one as Monday Night Football is calling my name. Why's that? Because the Pats just scored. Again. How's that for some joy?

And a win is always better with some cupcakes made especially for the occasion. J-O-Y!
Let's Go Pats!!


Erin Jones said...

Yay for Will clapping! I knew you'd be watching football tonight. Miss you guys :)

Rebecca said...

You are a dork sometimes...Pat's cupcakes? Did you make it through the whole game? I wanted to stay up for Rex Ryan's post game conference, but I feel asleep. I'm sure it was priceless.

Carrie said...

On Sunday I told Mike, "Tomorrow is going to be a special day." There was even a homemade lasagna for the occasion. And don't hate just because you weren't here to enjoy one with me :)
We turned the TV off when they were interviewing Woodhead. Then I went to sleep with a smile.
Long. Comment.