Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making the switch

Over the last week, we became a cloth diapering family. And a new obsession was born.
I'm so in love with cloth diapers. I spend my free time researching and reading about them, talking about them, and, of course, washing them. I am officially obsessed.

Last weekend Mike and I hired a babysitter for our first night out since Will was born (crazy, right??). We met up with some friends and, two cocktails in to the evening, I excitedly announced, "We're switching to cloth diapers!!"


I get it. They're not for everybody (and not everybody wants to talk about diapers on a rare night away from Baby).

I never even considered cloth. And then I almost thought Will was too old to make the switch.

Here's what made me change my mind.

There's the economical factor.
After doing the math, we realized we'd save a bundle. Not only for the length of time Will wears them, but certainly factoring in the future children that will wear them. You know, should they happen to come along. Someday.

Will did the math, too!!!

There's the cuteness factor.
The pictures in this post speak for themselves.

Then, there's the green factor.
Call me a crazy liberal if you'd like. But I really do believe this Earth of ours needs some saving. I feel good about the number of disposables we AREN'T sending to landfills.

Saving money and the planet never looked so good.


Erin Jones said...

Send me an email about this whole cloth thing. How do you wash them? Email coming soon from me. Love you.

Rebecca said...

I am all about the environment. I just can't quite get past the washing aspect of it though.

Katherine said...

Ah. So glad you are enjoying the switch. I think they are the cutest things EVER. But really, I'm sure you laughed at me too the first time I told you we did it ;)