Thursday, December 2, 2010

Will doesn't want to sit in the shopping cart.

Why? Because it makes him angry. And since he's officially a walking toddler, he doesn't want me to carry him either. He loves going all limp-noodle-baby on me.

So I set him down. Will takes off. He finds the allergy medicine and manages to knock a few boxes off the shelf before I can grab him. He screams as I insist on holding him while I finish picking up my prescription.

We head to the registers with about 20 items. I place him back in the cart. Screaming, he stands up (even while strapped in). He'll fall otherwise, so again I pick him up. He does limp-noodle-baby. He's screaming. I'm still trying to empty the cart, so he wins. I put him down.

Will finds and brings me 33 packs of New Moon trading cards (approximation). No thank you, Baby; Mama doesn't much care for the Twilight series. We put the cards back as he tries to grab more. I pick him up. Will screams. I hold him Superman style while I finish emptying the cart and pay. Still screaming.

A (childless) lady the next aisle over has been sneaking glances the whole time. Our eyes finally meet. I don't know what to do. So I say, "The irony is I only came in for birth control." Will continues to scream.

The best part (and I'm not even making this up): While exiting the store, he laughs hysterically.

Will: 1 Mommy: 0

Now my shoe won't come off??? This day sucks!


Erin Jones said...

How hilarious!

Watch Calder Grow! said...

Hilarious!! Welcome to toddlerhood!! ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh man, the next three years of your life are going to be interesting. I think your day time shopping trips are over. You may need to arrange this for times Mike is home.....