Thursday, January 27, 2011

16 Months

Hey, Will, the craziest thing happened yesterday. You turned 16 months!

Life with you couldn't be better. I spend the majority of my day simply trying to keep up. You don't just walk, you RUN. Everywhere. When you are finished in a room, it generally looks like a disaster. It's exhausting. But I love it.


While you talk a lot, it's mostly your own language so I don't always understand you. Some new words you're saying: apple, nana (banana), cracker, and you can sign 'all done.' You love to shake your finger at Ellie and tell her 'no no no,' but then you almost always give her whatever food item happens to be in your hand anyway.

You're still very funny. Lastnight, as you were shoving your hand in the litter box, I told you 'no no no,' to which you responded, 'yeah yeah yeah.' I'm 95% sure it was purely coincidence and you had no clue what you were actually saying, but I enjoyed it anyhow. And speaking of the litter box, today I found 3 large toys in there. So either you did it, or I'm very worried about our cat.

Your two great loves: balloons and blankies. Your preferred blanky is still the cloth diapers I bought to use as burp cloths when you were but a melon in my belly. It seems you always need to have one in hand when we're hanging at home.

Yesterday I asked where your balloon was, so you went and got it from the other room and brought it to me!

Whenever we're running errands, and you happen to see a balloon, you whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine until you get one. Sometimes I wonder if I'm causing permanent damage by not telling you a firm 'no.' But it's so much easier to just pay the 3 bucks and shop in peace. Plus, it makes you insanely happy, which, really, is the best part.


Getting you to eat is like a full time job. Unless it's macaroni and cheese, rice, or some other carb, you're hardly interested. Although, the other night you ate a meatball and I thought I was going to pass out.

You enjoy eating off a plate with real utensils, but occasionally you still use your hands. And when you do, it makes us laugh.

I like rice from Carrie Harmsen on Vimeo.

You love the laptop. If you catch me checking my email, you must be included. You like to watch the Sesame Street channel on You Tube and, of course, your own videos.

Your dad and I regularly fight about who you look like. But I can honestly say, in this picture, you look just like Daddy.
You can climb into this chair all by yourself! Even though I tried to trick you with an old remote, you can tell the difference and insist on playing with the real one.

On the day you turned 16 months, it snowed. We had so much fun playing today.Photobucket
Sledding with our favorite neighbor, Lindsay

You are increasingly curious about the world around you. It's so much fun to watch you grow. The fact that I get to spend every day with you is something for which I will never be able to fully express my gratitude.

We love you.


Erin said...

1. Does Will's plate have different forms of transportation on it - in French? If so, we have the same one.
2. Tom said yesterday that we now need bibs that cover Brendan's entire body.
3. Love the mismatched socks.
4. Lindsay's a cutie. You should use her babysitting services again and have a date night.

BobbysMommy said...

I loved this post! I'm constantly amazed at how your thoughts on Will are almost identical to the same feelings I have for Bobby. Yes, we're both really blessed to be able to stay home with our boys. :) Happy 16 months, Will!

Rebecca said...

I concur with your friend Erin - totally noticed the mismatched songs, too funny. Secondly, do you tape down his wrists when he is outside in the snow? Is that some sort of electrical or painting tape?!

Carrie said...

Thanks, Rachel :)
Yes, he wears mis-matched socks. Did you not see that in an older post??!? Keeping track of baby socks is enough to drive me crazy.
Yeah, I use painter's tape to keep his mittens on. It works!
Date night coming soon...

Ashley said...

Ah, 16 months! What a big boy! :) It's so funny that he's so into balloons and we use the same diapers as burp clothes. :)

Maura said...

Carrie, love the website. Dollar Tree is the place to get balloons. For $1 Will can pick which one he wants and watch it being blown up right in front of his face. You can't beat that! :-)