Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby boy gets a medal

We are right in the thick of it. Winter, that is. I'm longing to get OUTSIDE and enjoy the sun. Set up the inflatable pool. Take tons of flower pictures.
But it's WINTER, so as for outside, this is all I've got.

Mornings in our home are quite delightful and relaxing.
Photobucket Uh, yeah. Kinda like that.

I'm thankful for everyday I get to spend at home with this adorable fellow of mine. But something I really love, if I'm honest, is avoiding the morning rush out the door to get to daycare and work.
Instead we totally veg out. We take our time eating breakfast. We watch some Mickey Mouse. We delay getting dressed.

One of the benefits of taking our sweet time getting dressed is that I get to admire this fluffy butt for just a bit longer. Oh goodness, YES. I'm still in L-O-V-E with our cloth diapers.

Yesterday morning we went to our last gym class. Or maybe not the last. We might sign up again after all.

Will has been waking during the night. Not necessarily needing me, but waking up nonetheless. I blame the 3 (count 'em, 3!) molars coming in all at once. So he caught up a bit on sleep in the only place other than his crib where he actually will sleep: his awesome, big boy carseat.

I know I just posted some recent pictures from gym class.
But you see, I couldn't resist just a few more. Because the other day, Little Monkey got his very first medal.
And sure, everyone got one. But this mama couldn't have been any prouder.
Yep. I love him. Like, for real, love, love, LOVE him.

So that was our nice, little end of the week. As for our Sunday --

Oh, we are SOOOO ready.



Ashley said...

I love the lazy mornings! :) What brand of cloth diapers do ya'll use? We've been looking at making the switch because we're about to run out of diapers we were gifted at showers (fortunately they last 5.5 months!)!

Katherine said...

o.m.g these pictures are really, really great! 4,5,6 are some of my favs as is the first stepstool/phone pic in the last post :)

Carrie said...

Hi Ashley--
Hope you check back in to read this :) We currently have 3 brands of pockets that we use:
Kawaii (cheap, but work just as well)
My favorite is bumGenius. I like the way they're made, and I like the way they keep Will dry at night. Good luck if you switch! They're awesome. And I can't believe you got enough diapers to last 5.5 months!!

The Clip Cafe said...

That sleeping shot is divine!