Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having the talk

Mike and Will had the talk last weekend.

No, not THAT talk. Good God, he's only 15 months old. Though ask Will where his penis is and watch his eyes light up as he points to..... his eye, his ear, his tummy, or nothing at all cause sometimes that's how he rolls.

Mike and Will had the no hitting talk.

It went something like this:
Will: *smacking Daddy in the face*
Mike: No, Will. We don't hit.
Will: *looks seriously at Daddy, resumes smacking him in the face*
Mike: No hitting, Will. No.
Will: *smack, smack*

You get the idea.
It's so much easier for Mommy to ignore the situation entirely and just snap a picture as it unfolds.

The doctor said at his 15 month check up that it's fine to begin time-outs when necessary. And I'm all, 'How exactly does that work?' You know, cause Will's reasoning skills rival that of a marble's.

I miss the baby-ness. I'm not sure I'm ready for this whole raising a human to be kind and decent thing. Sigh.

It occured to me over the weekend that Will hasn't really walked outside since he learned to, you know, WALK. He really started walking the last week of November, and December was downright freezing. The past few days, I've been taking him outside and just letting him go. Oh my. He loves it.

You know how it is for us. We're boring. We've only left the house once in the last 3 days. It's OK, though.

Will likes to feed himself. Even though he doesn't really know how. He has perfected the art of whining until he gets his way, and sometimes, it's a battle I just don't feel like fighting.

But it certainly makes for some cute pictures.


Mommy Words said...

He is precious and yep - we've had that talk. With Violet at 11 months old and a little hellion she gets no time outs but she gets big NO's.

They grow up so fast!

I am Brittany from www.mommywords.com

Erin said...

Brendan has gotten that talk from us, too! When I tell him no, he balls up his fists and yells at me (and sometimes I laugh though I try not to). When Daddy says no, he pokes his bottom lip out.

Is that yobaby yogurt I see?

Where is the annoying car I sent Will for his birthday? HAHAHAHAHA

Katherine said...

CHEWIE! I love that cat.

My favorite? "Will's reasoning skills rival that of a marble's". . .on that note I tried the 'stirring' thing you mentioned- gave Jackson a bowl with a spoon and dry pasta in it. He ate it. The dry pasta. Maybe he's not ready for stirring :)