Saturday, February 26, 2011

The day I became really dumb

On Tuesday, my kid locked himself in the car. I realize phrasing it as such might appear as though I'm deflecting all blame and responsibility. That is certainly not the case. I just mean to say, he had the keys in his hand, and literally locked himself in the car.

The day started off kind of exciting when I awoke to realize my two teacher friends had the day off due to weather. I quickly made plans to meet them at the mall playground.


The before-the-incident pictures. Doesn't he look like such a big boy?

We left the mall to go to lunch. That's when I made dumb decision #1: I let Will hold my keys while I strapped him in his carseat. He's usually an excellent car rider (thank goodness, as it makes the decision to keep him rear-facing THAT much easier). However, he does tend to fight me when I buckle him in.

Will grabbed my keys, they pacified him, and that made me happy. So, I let him have them.

This led to dumb decision #2: Not wanting to hear the inevitable screams as I ripped the beloved keys from his chubby hands, I let him hold them while I put the stroller in the car.

This was quickly followed by dumb decision #3: closing the back car door.

As soon as I closed the trunk, I heard the *beep* which meant Will was locked in the car. With my keys. And the diaper bag. And my phone. Seriously, is your mouth hitting the floor over how stupid I am?

Luckily my friend was still a couple rows over. She came over with her phone and I called Mike. No answer. I called the police and they said they'd be there soon. Meanwhile we were trying to coax Will to "press the button" (as if he understood what that meant). All the while he smiled at us and ate crackers from his snack cup. A little bit of honesty for you: the thought crossed my mind, "If my camera wasn't locked in there with him, would I be taking pictures right now?"

Miraculously, Will did "press the button" and, just like that, the door was open and our little situation was over. I called and cancelled the police.

The whole thing only lasted about 5 minutes, yet many lessons were learned. Like, sometimes it's better to let your kid cry than to end up on Frederickburg's Most Wanted List.

The rest of our week was certainly less eventful, but still fun.

I used some of Will's Valentine's Day money to get him some Playdoh. I think he would've enjoyed it more if he could eat it.

And on the subject of food, I've been getting Deceptively Delicious 'round here. Anyone have that book? I spent last weekend pureeing veggies to incorporate into new recipes. Cauliflower in the mashed potatoes, sweet potato in the chicken nuggets. Ya know, sneaky stuff like that.

For lunch, Will had a whole wheat pita pizza (with spinach!) and a chocolate chip cupcake (with yellow squash and pumpkin!).

So far, so good. It gets this little boy (and his parents) eating more veggies.

That's about all I have in me. It's been a... uh.... interesting?... week.


BobbysMommy said...

Okay, so don't take this the wrong way, but I totally laughed till I cried over the keys story. That prompted my Hubby to look over at the computer, see Will's adorable face on the screen and ask "Uh-oh....what did Will do now..?" I'm a little terrified, cause I see the potential in Bobby for him to be Will's protege....

Erin said...

Cauliflower in mashed potatoes?? I should try that one...Tom hates cauliflower. So the veggies are helping with Will's regularity?

I'm glad he pressed the button. :)

Megan said...

Oh my! that's definitely something that could happen to any mommy for sure! I'm glad it resolved itself so well :)

I've read that Deceptively Delicious, but I haven't made any of her recipes. Way to go for sneaking in the veggies!

Rebecca said...

Cauliflower? Ugh.