Thursday, March 31, 2011


What the hell, Spring? Photobucket
Signs of you are everywhere, but waking up to SNOW last Sunday??!? SO not cool.

Last week, Will came down with his first fever. By day two it climbed as high as 102.3. A trip to the doctor confirmed that poor, Little Monkey was sick with strep throat. We had a restful, couple of days, followed by some fussier-than-usual ones. Combined with a laptop that suffers from bi-polar disorder, picture taking and blogging was pushed waaaaaay off to the side.

The pictures are only so-so, but I thought I'd update with what we've been doing.

Turning 18 months!

Last Saturday, Will turned the big one-eight. At 18 months Will weighs about 25 pounds and is 32 inches tall. He runs everywhere, says a handful of words, loves to make animals sounds, and can throw a mean temper tantrum. We spent the day at Grandma's. She sent us home with some cake balls and, since it was a special day, Will was allowed to have one. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Can't believe this little monkey is on his way to 2!


Last Sunday we decided to take Will bowling. Photobucket
Yeah, he rocks some sweet bedhead. Photobucket
The day started off promising enough with only one attempted trip down the bowling lane. However, the mean temper tantrum I referenced earlier reared its ugly head. We bowled faster than I ever thought possible. Photobucket
Mike said, "There's gotta be a book for this sort of thing." And I laughed because, really, I didn't know what else to do. Will always keeps things interesting.

Building forts!

A couple days ago I tried my hand at fort building. I think Mike and Will were pretty impressed. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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