Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few of his favorite things

Today Will indulged in a few of his favorite things...

For starters, Will enjoys being a well-dressed boy.  He was way excited about these sandles today.

Sadly, Will indulged in some junk food.  He loves it.  And I give in way more than I should.  Sigh...

The Easter Bunny is NOT one of his favorite things.  But the picture sure is funny.

Will always adores being outside.  Hooray for Spring and sunshine and sidewalk chalk!

Linking this photo up with The Paper Mama's photo challenge for 'Multicolored'...

The Paper Mama

And Will's for real new favorite thing...
Playing in the car. 
It's SO. Much. Fun.


Amy said...

adorable. He looks so much more grown up :) I love the last picture of him playing with chalk!

Katherine said...

LOVE the backlight/sunflare shot and the little reflection in the car! Ohh a watermark? Fancy. Getting serious?

Rebecca said...

I have yet to see an un-scary mall Easter bunny. That picture is great.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Great shots! :)

Nicole said...

Great photos! My youngest wouldn't go near the Easter Bunny and it took two go arounds for my oldest almost four to stand next to him.