Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An evening at the park

Yesterday we spent a very warm and pleasant evening at the park.  It was such a fun and amazing time. 

A local photographer came up with this crazy idea a couple months ago to share a location and time with the general public and anyone who shows is treated to a complimentary mini-session.  I've been stalking her Facebook page on a daily basis just waiting.   Waiting.  And waiting for the announcement.

She is as kind as she is talented.  She noticed I had my camera with me and invited me to shoot with her, generously offering photography tips along the way.  Words cannot express how thrilled I was with the entire experience.

Rashmi Pappu AKA 'Pop-up Pappu'....

My friend Courtney came with sweet baby Alyse.  I held her for a few minutes and asked Will if he wanted to touch the baby's toes.  He did so very happily.

It was totally intimidating to be in the presence of someone so talented, but I attempted shooting with her while rapidly firing off questions.

These little baby geese were awfully cute, but their parents were awfully scary; hissing everytime someone walked the path.

I was able to capture some shots of my well dressed little monkey while waiting for our turn.  Will was such a happy and easy going guy throughout the entire evening.  I'm a lucky girl.Photobucket

Totally lucky.

As for our photo shoot...  Rashmi will email a slideshow of edited images and I will select my favorite to be our free 5x7.  I'm already dreading what is sure to be a difficult choice.  She's been sharing peeks on Facebook and her blog (and please do check out her blog as she posted the ca-utest picture of Will today).  So far I love them all.

One from Facebook she gave me permission to share:

How ever will I choose??!?


Erin said...

What an awesome idea! Please pass along the tips you learned from her. I did check out her blog and Will in that chair is super cute. But you should pick one of the two of you together for your free 5x7. xoxoxox

Watch Calder Grow! said...

Sooo fun, wasn't it? But what the H-E-double hockey sticks am I doing with my face in the second picture!?

Kayla Sue said...

Oh my gosh, that last photo is STUNNING!!! Choosing will be difficult :) What a gift!

BobbysMommy said...

Dang it, I have been stalking her too, but obviously not as well as you! Lemme know if she ever does this again. I'd kill for her to photograph Bobby. When are you going to start professionally photographing? I'll gladly sign up to be your first client!