Friday, July 29, 2011

22 months

Hey, Will, how old are you?
Not for long... 

My little man turned 22 months the other day.  I can't believe he's on his way to 2.

There are so many things I want to remember about Will as time moves in warp speed. 
  • He has a growing fondness for choo-choos and loves to watch Thomas DVDs in the car. 
  • He's still a picky eater who loves macaroni and cheese and all things sweet. He rarely has time for eating and tells me he's 'done,' often before he even gets started. 
  • His latest obsession is lollipops and he asks for a 'pop pop' all day long.  Please don't even say the word lollipop in his presence.  Please.
  • He's an amazing dancer and has started to sing and hum. 
  • He can do half a sumersault.
  • He loves to jump in the pool.
  • He makes sound effects when he plays.  They make me laugh.
  • He loves the vacuum.
  • He's obsessed with lawn mowers. Obsessed.
  • Once a day he gets my make up bag out from under the sink and demands to put on some blush.  I let him.
At 22 months, Will has perfected the art of postponing bedtime.  We are not allowed to begin story time until his 'babies' (Piglet and Cat) are settled in the rocking chair with us.  But not before we feed the fish.  And if I put him down to let him pick out a book, he usually by-passes the bookcase and runs down the hall, laughing all the way.  The only way he'll brush his teeth is if he gets to wash his hands, too.  Oh, and don't forget his 'cup' (he doesn't take kindly to that).  

When I put him in his crib, he must give Chewie a kiss goodnight - cute, but not always convenient since cats like to hang out under random beds or in other places unknown.  Will usually waits patiently while I lure Chewie out from hiding with various treats.
Speaking of treats, Will insists we shower Chewie with them all day long.  He loves his kitty.  The dog, not so much.

Will says many words and has started to string them together to form what sort-of passes for sentences.  He still speaks a lot of jibberish, at times getting all worked up with wild hand gestures and pointing.  I nod in agreement even though I haven't a clue as to what he's actually discussing.  Just recently, he learned to count to three (though mostly I say the 'one' and he finishes with 'twooooo, free'). 

He will finally sit still long enough to talk on the phone to Grandma and Daddy.  Mostly jibberish with the occasional 'pool' thrown in.
We have a serious fascination with boo boos.  We talk about them all the time and kiss the ones that have long since healed.  Here he is checking out his latest one.  And this time, it's for real.

He LOVES going outside, no matter how hot.  He pulls me to the door whining, 'siiiiiiiiiiide.'  Or 'mow mow. ' Or 'beep beep.'  Or 'bubbles.'
A tree in our new front yard had the perfect swing hooks already installed.

Will is so cute with his little friends.  He loves to give hugs and high fives.  He especially loves little girls.  He doesn't yet understand that he can't kiss random girls at the park, pool, McDonalds, etc.  He watches other children very closely and often imitates their behavior - especially the bad stuff.
Will's new picnic table complete with 'lella' (umbrella).  Too bad he never sits still long enough to eat and ends up in his highchair.  At least his little friends enjoy it.

I think Will's favorite thing is greeting everyone with a 'HI!'  Such a friendly guy.  If you decide to watch the video, please ignore the annoying high-pitched mom voice. 

Will shoved the bubble wand in my mouth as I was turning the camera off (hence the weird 'oof' sound you heard at the end).

We love our big 22 month-old boy.  He's so adorably funny and clever.  I can't get enough of him.

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Anonymous said...

So adorable!! Really cute photos. He will be 2 soon.