Thursday, December 29, 2011


What a year it has been for us.  It began with a still-chubby baby.  New to walking, not yet talking.  Largely uncoordinated with awkward movements.  And it ends with a little boy.  One who runs and jumps with ease.  One who has no problem voicing his opinion, frequently telling me "no way" when asked to complete a task he'd rather not do.

Last winter seemed to drag on.  And on.  While we didn't have much snow, it was definitely cold.  My new walker begged to go outside, so I'd frequently bundle him up and let him go.  I loved how easily entertained he was.  Perfectly content to just walk.  And finding a good stick?  Oh my.  Total excitement.

Finally spring arrived with sun and warmth.  We spent much of our time on the deck with the water table, in the backyard with the baby pool, and out at the parks.

But there was something scary going on behind the scenes.  Mike and I noticed Will's undereye bulging in late April.  After many visits to his pediatrician, I decided the wait-and-see approach was no longer an option, and took him to an optholomologist.  Will needed surgery.  It was scary (terrifying, really), but thankfully Will's 20 minute procedure went flawlessly.  He was back to his crazy self within a couple of hours.  For all his trouble Will was rewarded with a trip to Disney World.

Will and his little friend, Claire, have grown together from babies to chattering toddlers.  Their conversation is rivetting, making eavesdropping truly enjoyable (for instance, at lunch the other day - Will: Hi, Claire. Claire: Will has a watch. Will: Yeah.).Photobucket

If I could summarize our summer in one word, it would be CHANGE.  So many changes. 

Summer is when Will truly changed from baby to full-fledged toddler.  Many new words.  And a new appearance, too, as baby chub was replaced by the presence of wrists and ankles.  All of a sudden, my little preemie was towering over his peers (85th percentile for height at his 2 year visit!  Not bad for a 32 weeker).

One of the biggest changes to happen this summer was leaving behind the house we became a family in.  Without a doubt, it was time.  Our new home has provided us with the space and peace we so desperately needed.

In August we went to the Outer Banks for the second summer in a row.  Fast becoming one of our favorite vacation spots, it seems to suit Will well.  He plays hard and sleeps well.  I think he's a beach bum at heart.

One of the nicest things about living in Virginia is the opportunity to stretch our summer out just a little bit longer.  In early September we were still enjoying the sun and water.

In the fall, like so many others, we went to the pumpkin patch.  Will LOVED seeing the pumpkins on everyone's porches during our walks to the park.  Being in a field full of them was almost too much excitement to handle.

As if I needed further proof that my baby is no longer a baby, in October we made the transition to big boy bed.  I found Will roaming the upstairs hallway (instead of napping in his crib) approximately 18 hours after the following words left my mouth during a conversation with my mom: We'll get through the holidays and make the switch after the New Year.  Wrong.

In early fall (on Labor Day, to be exact), we discovered our little monkey is going to be a big brother next May.  Now we know we're expecting a baby girl and, well, that just sweetens the deal a little more.  'The best of both worlds,' some have told me.

In a year marked by natural disaster, a still failing economy, and other crappy news, we feel especially lucky to have had the year we did.  Because, for us, it was a very good one. 

Now we look to the future in anticipation of all the good things still to come.  A little boy that will continue to grow and thrive and a sweet baby girl who will complete our family.

Happy New Year!

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mommy of Five said...

i love the expressions, and "feeling" of each and everyone of these photos!

Anonymous said...

Such awesome shots!!! Love them!!! I am going to feature you on my facebook page. That first one is great. Congratulations on the girl. Where do you live? I live only an hour from the outer banks. :)

Nadine said...

I got choked up and teary eyed reading your post. They have grown up so much this year. We love you, Will!

Amber said...

This is was such a sweet wrap up and a lovely glimpse into your world. Congrats on the upcoming baby girl. I look forward to seeing her in next year's post.

Courtney said...

Congrats on the new baby girl coming! How exciting!! I'm so glad you followed your mama gut and got his eye seen and I'm glad you were able to fix it. Love the one of them flying the kite! Thanks for linking up with us!