Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday do-over

This morning was rainy and dreary and our moods complimented it.  Will was grumpy and clingy and I was short with him.  Story time at the library was less than stellar and I found myself feeling rather frustrated.  It was definitely one of those mornings that gave me pause for thought.  One thought in particular: "I have no idea what the hell I'm doing."

But naptime provided the opportunity for reflection and I decided this afternoon was going to be the start of a better day.  When I left our window-less basement to awaken the little monkey, I realized the rain had been replaced by sunshine and took it as a good sign.

For an hour and a half it was just Mommy and Will.  No email checks, no phone calls, no chores, no getting dinner started.  Just one of Will's favorite things - time outside.


Everything is better with popsicles.
A Tuesday do-over that was so needed and so worth it.


Amy said...

aw, days like that happen here too. I'm a bit jealous of the flip flops :) It's cold here!!!

Rebecca said...

Yeah I have to agree on the flip flops and lack of coats....that would NOT be possible here right now in the 20 something degrees and snow every other day.