Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello, third trimester

How'd you get here so fast?

28 weeks already.  Time is flying.  I've gained more weight than I care to share and Baby is a flurry of activity.  Exciting times. 

I think often of my pregnancy with Will.  I was still teaching for the first half and was 18 weeks along when summer break began.  I spent my mornings watching 'Bringing Home Baby,' running errands, walking the dog.  I took a nap every day around 2 and spent my afternoons happily painting pictures for the nursery while waiting on Mike to get home.  All the while completely oblivious to the impending premature birth of my baby boy.

Things are slightly different this go 'round.  For starters, this is the perfect time of year to be pregnant.  No summer heat, not a bit of swelling.  I'm extremely active because, well, Will wouldn't have it any other way.  Because this winter has been so mild, we walk to the neighborhood park a lot and spend lots of time outside.  I'm achey in my lower back by the end of the day, but overall, I feel really good.

I wonder if it will be different this time.  Like, maybe instead of crying over my preemie's incubator, I'll still be pregnant at 33 weeks?  The doctors can't tell me anything for sure.  At my 28 week growth scan yesterday, the perinatologist told me to just enjoy what's left of this pregnancy.  I will certainly try.

Everything looks great and Baby is still a girl.  By the way, she definitely has a name.  To be revealed after she is born.
Here's a hint.  There's an 'e' in her name.

Thanks to friends who have generously given us hand-me-downs, and those that have already gifted us with some things, Baby Girl's wardrobe is stocked.  At least for the first 6 months.
Pink clothes! Gah, I'm so excited!

Her room is still a disaster, but the ideas are in motion and it will soon come together.  Hopefully Baby will give us just a bit longer to get everything ready.

Operation Evacuation has yet to be determined.  I am hopeful (oh-so-hopeful) for a VBAC, but the plan is to schedule a c-section on my due date incase that doesn't happen.  In any event, we will have our sweet girl in our arms by May 14th.

Isn't she lovely?


Erin said...

Ahhh!! I think seeing those pink clothes made it hit home that you are having a GIRL!! So excited!

Olivia said...

so excited for you!!! I am 20 weeks pregnant with a boy and am soo happy, but also a bit sad that we don't get to do pink clothes, hairbows or tutus :(

Anonymous said...

You said there was an "A" in her name. So that's two letters so far.

Rebecca said...

I agree. Who is anonymous your mom or my mom? They both knew about the A. I've been heavily analyzing the list and the top two names I thought have struck out. Maybe your mom lied about the number of letters in the name. Or else you are really going to surprise me with the one name I didn't think you would choose!