Thursday, April 26, 2012

A big boy goes to the Insect Zoo

I'm still here. And still pregnant. Lately I've been feeling especially tired, and Will hasn't been all that helpful in this regard as he's refused 4 naptimes in the last week and a half. But when he does decide to sleep, it's wonderful. IMG_0586
I could not wake him this day.  Getting sleepy time pictures of him never happens!


The big boy got even bigger this week with the purchase of his 'big boy chair.' Sitting at the table took some convincing, but now, he's very proud of himself. IMG_0637

Yesterday the big boy and and I went to a local insect zoo. He gets pretty excited about the bugs he sees outside (or scared if it's a bumble bee), so I thought he'd enjoy it. Plus it's only 2 bucks a person. IMG_0597 IMG_0592 IMG_0601

He had no interest in these hissing cockroaches at the touch table. IMG_0600 IMG_0607

They had an activity room that Will enjoyed playing in. He's a fan of puzzles. IMG_0615 IMG_0624 IMG_0626

All in all it was two bucks well spent. I bought Will a bug box from the gift shop for collecting bugs in the backyard. It has already been put to good use. IMG_0627


Erin said...

B loves bugs, too. He's fascinated with them, but he only wants to touch ladybugs. Will is smart. Hissing cockroaches? No thanks.

Nadine said...

We will have to check out the bug museum! Great pics!

Rebecca said...

See, I would encourage him to hate bugs. Now you have to touch them and help him collect them. Pretty much up there with worst nightmares. Ugh. I kind of feel the need to itch right now for no apparent reason.