Monday, April 2, 2012

Two and a half

Will turned two and a half last week.  And because I'm a big believer in the half-birthday, we had a celebration. 
Will picked out funfetti cupcakes and strawberry frosting.  He helped me make them and was so excited when it was finally time to eat one.  His favorite part: the candles.
It's hard to believe my sweet boy is on his way to three.  I still can't believe he's old enough to be a big brother.  Didn't we just bring him home, like, yesterday?

We are 6 short weeks (maybe less?) away from welcoming a new little person into our family.  I'm excited, but nervous.  I know it will be hard on Will.  He's so demanding of my time and attention (for real, he is completely incapable of self-entertainment).  But at the same time, I can't wait to watch him meet her for the first time; to just take her in and realize that the little baby sister we've been talking about for months and months is finally here.
Will's latest trick: pretending to be a baby.  Which he does often.  It's, um, interesting.

Will is quite talkative now.  It's amazing how his vocabulary has blossomed since his second birthday.  I love that it gives me a tiny glimpse of how his little mind works.  He uses adjectives often: cool, creepy, comfy, hungry, sad, boring, and thirsty are the ones I hear most often.  He also likes to gesture and when describing a situation, he'll say 'like this' or 'like that' before doing some sort of imitation.

He's starting to say some pretty funny toddler talk.  For instance:

I take shower with Mike.
I want wear princess boobs (upon seeing a pink bra in my drawer).

Well, he makes us laugh a lot, but that's all I can think of tonight.
Playing golf with Daddy is one of his favorite things to do.

At his recent doctor visit, he weighed 30 pounds (55th %tile) and was 36.5 inches (75th %tile).  I get a lot of comments on his height.  I think he'll be tall and thin, just like his dad.  His nurse said, "You'd never know he only weighed 4 pounds when he was born."

A couple months ago, I started researching preschools in our area and put some serious thought into having him start in the fall.  But we're going to wait another year.  He has one of those weird birthdays that just makes the cut-off (by 4 days), and I can't imagine him being ready for school by September.  If he proves me wrong, I'll reconsider.  So far, he has yet to make it through the 30 minute story time at the library.

Some of his favorite foods:
cheese sticks
french fries
macaroni and cheese
soup (clam chowder and potato)
Reese's peanut butter cups (his potty reward)

Some of his favorite shows:
Caillou (still - ugh)
Bubble Guppies
Max and Ruby ('rabbits')
Jungle Junction
Dora the Explorer
You Tube (especially his own movies)
Will and the biggest popsicle ever.

On a typical day -
7:45/8 - Will wakes up and eats breakfast with Mommy and Daddy
8:30 - Mommy bribes Will with some TV time in her bed so she can have a shower
9:30/10 - A morning activity which varies (gym class, art class, library, play date, a visit to the baby doctor)
12 - lunch (sometimes we're lucky enough to talk Daddy into meeting us)
1/1:30-3/3:30 - Naptime (thank goodness after a tough couple months in the fall, Will is back to napping consistently - we both need it)
3:30/4 - Afternoons are spent outside, either in the backyard or at the park
6 - Mommy bribes Will with some Dora so she can cook
6:30 - Daddy comes home and we eat dinner
7 - Bath time/Play time
8 - Stories in bed
8:30 - We say good night to Will and he is usually not happy about it
Mike told Will he couldn't go outside unless he put shoes on.  Problem solved.

Will is a toddler and of course there are days that require more patience than I ever knew I had.  But mostly, it's good stuff.  We stay busy and have fun.  He's my buddy.  It's hard to remember a life without him.
Having a picnic lunch with upside down sun glasses.


Nadine said...

I love, love, love this post! He is an amazing little boy and I feel so lucky that he is Claire's friend!

Bek said...

Happy 21/2 Will!
I've started looking into preschools as well and find it frustrating - first there are not too many between our and in-laws area to make the commute not too long. Some of of them don't tell you their tuition until you schedule a tour, they are closed when I want to take a tour, etc..