Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Bro

Well, he wears the title unofficially. IMG_0667
Since I've been asked the question several times now... It's make up. Will felt like his cheeks needed some eye shadow and, really, who am I to argue?

It seems Baby Girl is quite comfy in there and not the least bit eager to join us. Perhaps she hears too much screaming and carrying on and is all, "Yeah... No thanks."

I'm terribly worried that I'm waiting for the VBAC that will never come and will instead have the c-section on the 14th that could've been done on the 7th. Hmmm... I'm getting impatient. And chronic back aches and acid reflux don't help. IMG_0665

I'm frequently asked if Will 'gets it.' The answer to that is: I haven't a clue. At this point, I don't know if he really understands that there's an actual baby in my belly that will soon live with us. Although, he'll certainly parrot this information back to us when asked. He used to talk more about it, but recently, when people try to ask him questions, he straight up ignores them. I suppose it's all starting to get rather old for him, even though nothing has even happened yet. IMG_0685

Still, I can't wait for him to meet her. IMG_0678
An absolutely flattering picture of me, but I'm sharing anyhow :)


Christen Sanderson said...

Cannot wait to see pics of baby girl!

Amy said...

I was just thinking, i wonder if that baby came yet :) I dont' know the answer to the 'do they get it' question either but hopefully, brady doesn't try to sit on him or anything :)

i'll cross my fingers for going into labor on your own, i know how much a vbac is wanted in my case so i'll send lots of 'get that baby out' vibes your way :) EEEEEK, so close, which means, I'm getting close, YIKES!

Rebecca said...

What is on that kid's cheek? BTW I found the best t-shirt yesterday that says "I'm 2, what's your excuse?" but...it seemed a bit late for that purchase.