Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Birth Story

A week ago yesterday, I awoke early on a rainy Monday, surprised that I had managed to sleep at all. I washed my hair, perfected my blow dry/flat iron routine, and put on some mascara. I needed to look my best for the very important pictures that would be taken later that day.

Will can sense movement, even while fast asleep a floor above. He soon joined me downstairs and I watched him eat breakfast (no food or drink allowed for me - torture!), soaking in my last moments with him alone. I noticed his nose was still running as it had been the day before. Since I really needed to know if it was a cold or allergies, as one would delay his meeting with Baby Sister, I called the doctor's office as soon as they opened. I pulled the old I'm-having-a-baby-today-and-need-my-son-seen-as-soon-as-possible card and, once there, Mike pulled the old my-wife-is-having-a-baby-today-and-we-really-don't-have-long-to-wait card. Works every time.  It was just allergies, thank goodness.

At 10:30, we kissed Will goodbye and left to have his baby sister. IMG_0800

We checked in and waited...

and waited.

I was finally brought back at 2:30 to be prepped. By 3:02, Amelia was here. IMG_0818

From the other side of the curtain, I listened to the numerous comments on her size and massive amounts of hair, and anxiously waited for her to be brought to me. IMG_0826

She's perfection. IMG_0828 IMG_0831

After another check-up in the recovery room, Amelia was finally given to me for some cuddles. I feel like I haven't put her down since. Mostly because she won't let me, but that's OK.
IMG_0840 IMG_0845 IMG_0849

At 10 that night, she had her first bath. IMG_0869

And the following morning we eagerly waited for the Big Brother to visit. IMG_0894

Gifts for the baby! Amelia gave Will a doctor kit, which Grandma was especially happy about since she was forced to endure countless physicals during the rest of her stay. IMG_0915

Mike: Will, Do you want to hold the baby?
Will: No, I drink my juice. IMG_0965
Will also told me to put the baby back in my tummy.

Our third day in the hospital... IMG_1030 IMG_0994-1 IMG_1003-1

Finally, preparing to go home...
IMG_1069 IMG_1078

We are settling in and trying to find our new normal, whatever that is. Mike has been here with us (thank goodness). I'm not quite sure what we're going to do without him. IMG_1082

Will has been handling it all quite beautifully, really. He loves to kiss her, touch her, and wants to hold her. He likes to know where she is at all times and has yet to complain about all the holding and feeding she requires. IMG_1097

Amelia Jane is simply adorable. We love her. IMG_1095

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Amy said...

SO glad you guys are all doing well! A doctor's kit, great idea! I've been trying to think of an idea for him, he def doesn't need another truck!

Ha, put the baby back in :)