Thursday, May 10, 2012

Counting down

In four days, we will welcome a new member in to our family (please note I have dropped the phrase 'or less' from my vocabulary - it's not happening). The paperwork acknowledging the risk of my death has been signed, and pre-surgery instructions have been given. On Monday at 2:00, I will have a c-section. The doc described the baby as 'big' at my last appointment. Eh, I'm going on record with a guess of 8-9 pounds. We will see. In four days.

This is the last week with just my one and only. Tomorrow will be the last day. I wish I could say we were doing some fabulous outings, but I just don't have it in me. The most I can handle right now is the park. So that's where we go almost every day. IMG_0740
IMG_0749 IMG_0750

Although, today we made it to Kohl's for a quick shopping trip (everyone got their Mother's Day coupons in the mail, right?). I couldn't resist a little baby girl outfit. The cashier asked if it was for this baby (pointing at my middle). When I told her it was, she asked Will if he was going to have a baby sister. He responded by ignoring her question entirely and counting to twenty. We both watched and listened to him and, when he was done, I said, "He doesn't really like to talk about it." She responded, "I see." IMG_0747 IMG_0736

This weekend will be our last as a family of three. I'm not entirely sure what it will entail. Hopefully an outing for Mike and Will that will give me the opportunity to pack and do some last minute prepping. Perhaps I can talk them into a Mother's Day meal at our local Mexican restaurant so I can stuff myself full of chips and cheese dip.  I'm sure there will be tears (MINE!) when I tuck Will in on Sunday night.

But there's also plenty of excitement. In four days Mike and I will have a daughter, Little Monkey will be a big brother, and my cousin Becky will finally know her name. Four days! 



Amy said...

Oh how exciting!!!! I know you wanted your vbac and maybe she'll still decide to come :) Good luck and can't wait to hear her name...and pictures of course!

mmm cheeese dip :)

Susan said...

Good luck! I could not find you on fb but found you here....hmm. Will link my profile.