Sunday, May 6, 2012

A good idea and a questionable one

A good idea is going to our little beach on a summer-like Saturday morning... IMG_0720

It was an especially fantastic idea since Daddy was around to enjoy it with us. IMG_0704 IMG_0719 IMG_0710
We saw plenty of water snakes swimming around.


Now for the questionable... Mike and Will dropped me off at the grocery store so I could shop in peace.  Meanwhile, they decided to browse the nearby sports equipment store. When they returned, Will had a new hockey stick. Just what every 2 year old needs, right?  Hmmm....IMG_0692 IMG_0696

Ah, well. Will likes it. IMG_0695


Rebecca said...

I am pretty sure that I would put the water snakes under a "questionable" part of the day.

Debbie said...

Why is Will wearing his boots?