Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello, happy girl. IMG_2119

Lately I'm all, 'Who is this baby?!?' She's suddenly not so diva-like and more content. I'm talking 10 solid minutes of tummy time with no screaming content. And she has the ca-utest little smile. IMG_2120
Me loves my Prevacid. 

Mike thinks our baby looks like Kramer.

This week we're also saying hello to summer. park

Yesterday we met our buddies at the park at the Marine Corps museum. I told Will we were going to a 'new park,' and he asked that it be a 'purple park.' marinemuseum
Our last visit to this park was in June 2010 (left, obviously) - back when I shot in auto and thought selective coloring was cool beans.

Since welcoming Amelia, Will has seemed like such a big boy to me.  All of a sudden, he's doing the park stuff totally by himself.

But sometimes he'll look at me, or I'll see a picture like this, and I can still catch a glimpse of my sweet Baby Will...IMG_2144 IMG_2141
Hello, cool Cars bandaid.

The three friends. Looking a little hot and worn out. IMG_2154

It was the perfect summer day - warm, but not humid. I was able to wear Amelia in the Ergo, which definitely makes outings a lot easier.

As we were leaving the park to return home, Will said he wanted to go to the museum. Clearly, he takes after his dad in this regard as you will never hear me suggest we visit a museum EVER. Since Amelia was still snoozing away, I thought, 'What the heck?'

We went to the museum. IMG_2178 IMG_2170

Will saw some items of interest, but I'm pretty sure his favorite part was the ice cream treat. IMG_2184

Monday, June 25, 2012

Flying a kite

Let's go fly a kite...IMG_2041

Up to the highest height....IMG_2055

Let's go fly a kite....IMG_2044

And let go of the handle so Daddy has to chase it into the bushes. OH, and let's rip off the streamers tooooooooo. 
That's how the song goes, right?  No?  Well, that was our own special version last Saturday.

A special father/son moment as Mike explains to Will that smacking butterflies with a shovel is not nice. 

The afternoon weather was gorgeous, so we made a mad dash to the beach.  Of course there's no such thing as a 'mad dash' when you have two kids because there are diapers, extra clothes, snacks, drinks, sand toys, umbrella, blanket, towels, and, of course, a kite to pack.  The baby would need yet another feeding and Mike would require a gentle reminder that Will no longer wears a size 9 month swim shirt.  All this for an hour of fun.
Will made a friend. And by 'friend,' I mean they hoarded their toys and pretty much told each other to back off.

Lest you think Amelia was left out of the fun, never you worry.  She's been plenty busy--

Having tummy time supervised by Big Bro...IMG_2021
No need to lie. That was our first attempt at tummy time.

Taking naps on Dad...
Dear Amelia, Sorry about the cellulite. Let's blame Grandma. Love, Mom 

Wearing shorts!!
Butterfly tank purchased for 68 cents at Baby Gap last January. Best. Deal. Ever.

And just like that, she was 6 weeks old.

Happy rest of the week! IMG_2084

Friday, June 22, 2012

A few favorites.

I've taken a TON of pictures in recent months, thanks in large part to our newest addition. Narrowing my selection wasn't easy, but without further ado, my five faves from April, May, and June.

Will at his first baseball game.  Love him.   Photobucket

This was taken on our last day as a family of three - Mother's Day. We ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and all the moms received a carnation. I kept this flower in a vase for weeks. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out until just a couple days ago when it was long past dead.  It was older than Amelia! IMG_0790

And speaking of our baby girl...IMG_1363-5

Will and his sister, "Melia," when she was 12 days old.IMG_1443-5
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
Amelia at exactly one month old. Time's flying! IMG_1845-3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Last Sunday we celebrated Daddy Mike. IMG_1963-2
He loves his baby even though he doesn't get to hold her much.
  IMG_1970 IMG_1981

Our options for outings are quite limited at the moment, so we decided to have a picnic in the park. The weather was delightful. Perfect for a (10 minute) nap. IMG_1938

Will needed to sleep too. IMG_1946

And then he felt like a dance.
"I dancing, Mommy!"


Then we went home for some golf watching on the deck (and a bike ride for Will). IMG_2005

On a side note, sometimes Amelia will sit in the bouncy seat for, like, 10 whole minutes. It's fabulous. IMG_1991IMG_2018-2

For Father's Day I signed Mike up for a beer of the month club because, now that he's a father of two, he's going to need more beer.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

One month old already

Amelia is one month old today. Let's just take a moment to let that sink in... IMG_1804-2
One month old and I'm still not over that hair.

At her one month appointment the other day, Miss Amelia weighed in at 10 pounds, 6 ounces.  That's the 90th percentile, y'all.  No surprise there.  Girlfriend loves to eat.

This week she's been taking a daily nap in her crib for about 2-2.5 hours.  Otherwise she likes to fall asleep while eating and wake up immediately upon being laid down somewhere (like her swing or bouncy seat).

Also this week, she's been 'going to bed' around 10 at night and waking at 5/5:15.  So great!  She hasn't been all that interested in returning to sleep after a feeding, so we've had some early mornings around here.

For now, she spends her nights in the nap nanny, sleeping between us in our bed.  I guess that makes us co-sleepers...?  Oh well.  Whatever works.

Unfortunately, Amelia is not a very content baby. Naturally, I blame this on the reflux and hope we come up with the right concoction of meds very soon. It's been so tough on her little body and it's truly terrible to witness.

Occasionally she has a happy moment and flashes me a grin. Mostly when she's having her diaper changed.  I swear it's her favorite part of the day - good thing she goes through lots of diapers.

I've received a lot of comments on how much she resembles her big brother.  I definitely agree.

Speaking of the big man, Will continues to be one of her biggest fans and, for this, I'm incredibly grateful. He still loves to hug and kiss her. The other day he told me, "I love my sister." Though he still needs the occasional reminder to be gentle (i.e. Yes, that is Amelia's eye, but please don't poke it.), he has handled this HUGE transition with much ease. I'm so very proud of him. IMG_1885-2
She's been making this 'O' face since the day she was born. I couldn't love it more.

Amelia is really filling out and getting the most delicious rolls.  Also, she doesn't completely hate bathtime anymore, so that's been fun.

We love our sweet baby. Can't wait to see what next month has in store. IMG_1845-3