Friday, June 22, 2012

A few favorites.

I've taken a TON of pictures in recent months, thanks in large part to our newest addition. Narrowing my selection wasn't easy, but without further ado, my five faves from April, May, and June.

Will at his first baseball game.  Love him.   Photobucket

This was taken on our last day as a family of three - Mother's Day. We ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and all the moms received a carnation. I kept this flower in a vase for weeks. I couldn't bring myself to throw it out until just a couple days ago when it was long past dead.  It was older than Amelia! IMG_0790

And speaking of our baby girl...IMG_1363-5

Will and his sister, "Melia," when she was 12 days old.IMG_1443-5
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge
Amelia at exactly one month old. Time's flying! IMG_1845-3


Megan Bailey said...

Oh my gosh your little baby is so adorable! I absolutely love the photo of your son holding her. They are gorgeous kids!

Sarah Halstead said...

Oh my!!! These are precious. Congratulations on your baby girl. That last one is soooo adorable!

MamaSparrow said...

I love the sibling shot. So sweet. All are great. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Sisk said...

AWWWWW...that sibling shot really is way too precious!