Monday, June 4, 2012

Aunt Becky comes to town

Last week Amelia had her first tub bath... IMG_1480

She pretty much hated it. IMG_1487

In other news, Aunt Becky came to visit. And since she was just a couple days into 30, we had to have a cake to help her celebrate. IMG_1451

Will, the candle blower, was only too happy to lend his assistance. IMG_1455

We had a trip to the pool on a gorgeous day. Aunt Becky was nice enough to join Will in the water since Mama can't exactly wear a swimsuit just yet. IMG_1501 IMG_1498
For what it's worth, the floats are not necessary, but Will gets crazy excited about wearing them.

On the way to the pool/Grandma's house, we drove past a mall carnival. Will did not stop talking about it all afternoon. I'm pretty sure if Becky and I heard the sentence "I want spinny rides" one more time, we would've lost our damn minds.

But as with most things, what Will wants, Will gets. I should probably work on that. IMG_1560 IMG_1558 IMG_1529

Spinny rides! IMG_1518 IMG_1525 IMG_1544 IMG_1570 IMG_1534

On Becky's last day in town, we went to Old Town Alexandria to walk around. IMG_1579

Hello, Cuteness. IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1592

Getting in some last day snuggles and pictures... IMG_1594 IMG_1597-2 IMG_1614

Now it's just us. IMG_1624-2

Still trying to find our normal. IMG_1636

The kids are a handful, but at least they're cute.

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Erin said...

I think Amelia looks just like Will in those cute smiling pictures. My mom says she looks like you. Love you. Email coming soon. XOXOXOX