Friday, June 8, 2012

The little diva

Once upon a time I had a sweet newborn baby boy who slept All. The. Time. He'd awaken every 3-4 hours, eat, and return to sweet slumber. Subsequently, I felt like I was rocking new motherhood. I showered on the regular, kept the house clean, and dinner was on the table every night when Mike came home. I was totally and utterly confused by those who complained that they could get nothing done with their newborns. Really? It's not that hard.

Well, allow me to offer my apologies to those moms I previously judged. Because, clearly, they had a baby like this one... IMG_1641
Oh my, but how we love her. Her cheeks are delicious.

This girl is awake All. The. Time.  Also, she wants to eat All. The. Time.  Last week Will offered to feed her ("Here, Baby, eat my belly button."), and I was so exhausted, I came thisclose to taking him up on it.

I swaddle, rock, and sway until I think my arms will fall off just to get her to sleep. I almost never leave the house because the risk of her screaming for the entire duration of our trip to Target just isn't worth it.  I can't remember the last time I ate a meal without her attached to me (seriously, my boobs should have their own place setting at the table).

I remain wracked with guilt over the impact this has had on Will's little 2 year old life. Really, though, he's doing fine. Better than I could've ever imagined. IMG_1676
He loves her.

Ok, so things could be worse.  Amelia usually sleeps from 9-4 (I know!), and most of the time I can get her back to sleep after a feeding (and since she takes about an hour to eat, I have plenty of time to catch up on TV - The Wonder Years, Jerry Maguire, Bridezillas...).  She took a couple of longish naps around 10 AM, so we braved the park, library, and gym class. 

With this being my first week home alone with the two monkeys, we're finding our way...
IMG_1684 IMG_1686-2

Look at this face... We are so in for it.   IMG_1678
I like to eat her chins too.


ali said...

She sounds like Ella! Oh my gosh, Carrie, she is hilarious. Love that face. I owe you a visit with food.... so sorry I haven't been by yet. I had made granola bars, but they weren't what I had hoped, and then I ate them all. I will be in touch soon. Older brother Will is adorbs!

Amy said...

oh, my, the cuteness! oh that sounds Brady :) so i decided I am getting one of those newborns that sleep this time around, ok :) I know how rough it is and I can't imagine having a toddler too so hopefully she can give her momma a break! At least she's sleeping decently for you at night, yay!