Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This summer

I'm quite sure that when the kids are grown and out of the house, Mike and I will talk over the breakfast table and fondly remember the summer Amelia was born, when Will was two, and we lived in the house with the fabulous backyard.

Sometimes things are tough. Our toddler now thinks 8-10 hours of sleep a day is appropriate for him - and we all pay the price come 6 pm. Our adorable 4 week old still likes to be awake A LOT, needs to be held constantly, and has a nasty case of reflux (which conveniently begins right after we put big brother to bed). My day begins around 7 AM if I'm lucky (4:30 AM if I'm not) and ends around 10 PM when I finally convince Amelia that sleeping is f-u-n.

But something tells me the tough stuff won't be what we choose to remember.

We'll remember the fine dining (because restaurants are so out of the question).
Beer, Fly swatter, Go Celtics.

We'll remember the kids and all their cuteness...June2012038-1 June2012046 June2012040

And how much we loved them.
Will wanted to take a family picture. Actually, he wanted to take about 25 family pictures.

We'll remember the warm nights that begged for fire pits under the stars.
June2012063 June2012066
S'mores are a requirement

Lately Will likes to wear really big shirts.

We'll remember a goofy toddler who makes us laugh more than he makes us want to pull our hair out   

And, of course, there's the girl who completed our family. The one who took the occasional nap and looked oh-so-cute doing so. IMG_1789
Amelia's first nap in her big girl bed!

IMG_1797 IMG_1793


Becky said...

That kid Will can sure dance. Are you excited to Amelia in her 3 month clothes??? OH and of course, happy 1st month Amelia! I can't believe that it has gone that fast!

Nadine said...

The bum pic is adorable!

Amy said...

oh my, too cute. Will cracks me up! Boo about the reflux though, I can say from experience, reflux sucks big time. Night time was always worse for B too! Hang in there!