Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Will post

will2 Today is the 26th, which means Will is two short months away from his 3rd birthday. I can't believe it.  Although, Will has claimed to be three years old since last December.

 In honor of this momentous occasion (and in light of the fact that my camera was left behind at my mom's), I thought I'd take the time to record some funny toddler talk that has taken place in recent months. June2012004

While reading stories in his bed one night, I asked Will if he had any secrets he'd like to share. He whispered, "I like beer."


The other day I walked into the bathroom to find Will with a lathered bar of soap in his hands.  He had rubbed it all over his arms, the vanity, and Amelia's baby tub.  "Look, Mommy!" he yelled.  "That like sunblock!"  He was only alone for two minutes.  


After watching the Ikea commercial about the dream bedrooms one day, I asked Mike if men really dream about eating sandwiches in bed. Will, after overhearing this exchange, has repeatedly asked to eat sandwiches in his bed. At a play date last week, he said he wanted to "eat a sammich in Cam's bed."

And speaking of dreams, every morning Will and I have the same conversation --
Me: What did you dream about last night?
Will: Owls!
Me: Owls?! What color were they?
Will: Pink!


Lately, when asked not to do something, Will's response is, "But I have to." For instance--
Me: Will, please stop squirting me.
Will: But I have to. Mommy likes it.


Me: *placing Will's dinner plate on the table in front of him*
Will: Thanks, Baby.


Will: What's that?
Me: Oh, that? Um... A breast pump.
Will: I want it.
Me: Well, that's Mommy's.
Will: I want my own one.
Me: Ok. Ask your father when he gets home.
Will: I want a Buzz Lightyear breast pump.


Mike: Will, what do you want to do this weekend?
Will: Play downstairs.
Mike: Ok, we can do that.  Is there anything you want to do outside of the house?
Will: Get gas!   IMG_2811

Just a snapshot, as funny stuff happens here on the regular.  Minus the no naps, inability to get along with peers, and occasional melt-downs, this is such a great age.


Christen Sanderson said...

Love this!

Becky said...

Hmm, I wonder where he found pink owls to dream about?!?

Amy said...

ha ha! He's quite a character! We have the same thing about dreams, except his is about tractors, lol.

Watch Calder Grow! said...

love it!

Bek said...

Love the quotes!! It's too funny what they can come up with.