Monday, July 16, 2012

OBX 2012

We left for our vacation on July 8th feeling excited, but mostly nervous about how the week would go. We worried about long miserable car rides, but to our surprise, they were pretty perfect. We worried about kids that wouldn't sleep through the night, but they both did (every night - even the 8 week old!). We worried about having a fussy baby, but she was pretty happy.

 I think the only thing we didn't worry about was rain. However... IMG_2632

After two perfect summers in the Outer Banks, it rained. The weather forecast for the week looked pretty bleak. IMG_2633
Will asked Mike if we could drive over the 'fancy bridge.'

 By Wednesday morning it was sunny with a side of haze and humidity.  In other words, the perfect morning for a trip to Duck Donuts - a MUST if you're ever in the area.IMG_2801

"No more pictures, Mommy." A phrase I heard plenty on this trip. IMG_2814

Luckily this little one doesn't seem to mind having her picture taken. IMG_2791

We managed to eat lunch out (at actual restaurants) on three different occasions. We may or may not have bribed Will with new toys in exchange for good behavior.

Of course ice cream on any outing is a must. beach3
Seriously, Will eats, like, one bite before he's all done. I'm starting to question his maternity. 

By far, Will's favorite adventure was this one--

Race cars!

And I'm pretty sure he really thought he was driving. IMG_3137
The boy loves fast cars, so his paternity is definitely not in question. 

A quick trip to Jeanette's Pier.

We were lucky enough to have fun friends to vacation with.
Will and Calder share a laugh.

 Tessa was pretty excited to take a picture holding Amelia... IMG_2788
Until Amelia screamed her head off.

 We spent plenty of time in the beach house pool.  On a couple of occasions, Will actually swam by himself while Mike and I looked on from the deck chairs.  Such a big boy.July2012015
And this was pretty much the only picture he let me take of him swimming.

 A certain baby girl had her first swim in the pool. IMG_2485 IMG_2479

But the main attraction was, of course, the beach. IMG_2772


Mike and Will went alone, for the most part, since it was too hot for Amelia, but she and I managed to join them a few times. IMG_2754-2

2010: Photobucket 2011:


My, how he's grown. July2012143
White boys can totally jump.

Amelia's turn: IMG_3189

Will loved his new sun hat. Photobucket IMG_2684
He also loved getting buried in the sand.

Amelia did not love her new sun hat. IMG_2764

We realized that the best time for all of us to go to the beach was later in the day. So we packed a dinner picnic, loaded up babies and beach gear, and spent our evenings there. It absolutely made my vacation. beach4 July2012107-2

A puffer fish. July2012180

A puffer Will.

A two month old girl happy to be at the beach. beach5

And a whole lotta pictures... beach6 beach7 beach2 

It's always a let down coming home from our vacation to the OBX.  Each year with Will just gets better and better.

Having a new little one just sweetens the deal.  I hope she loves the beach as much as her brother does. July2012256

Until next year... July2012235


Erin said...

The chronological photos of him made me tear up. But his face when he's buried in the sand cracked. me. up. I miss you guys so much!!


Nadine said...

I am so glad you had a great vacation! I cannot believe how much Will has grown up in three short summers! :)

Amy said...

I love this post! You are a brave woman to travel with two kids, I'm a bit leary of that since it seems my kids hate the car as baby's! They are both too cute and both kids STTN? WOW!!!!!