Monday, July 30, 2012

When they are teenagers, I will wake them up at 4 AM.

We've been rather sleep deprived around here. The last three mornings, Will decided to begin his days at 4, 6, and 5 respectively.  Apparently, Amelia thinks her brother's plan to drive me insane is brilliant and has joined in the fun.

On Saturday morning, I loaded up the kids and grocery shopped at 6:30 AM.  Before Saturday morning, I didn't even know stores were open at that ungodly hour.  IMG_3351
Hey, Kids, this is a bed. It's for sleeping. Give it a try sometime.

In a desperate attempt to get Amelia to take a nap at my mom's house, I made a quick trip to Babies R Us for a portable swing.  It didn't work.
Nice try, Mom. 

We've been plenty busy filling our long (OH, so long) days with lots of fun.

Paging Dr. Will...

He LOVES being Dr. Will. Everyone and everything gets check ups - most recently his lawn mower. DRWILL

Meanwhile, Amelia is content to sit around looking cute. IMG_3393

So, so cute. AMELIA4 IMG_3368

To accommodate Amelia's nasty reflux, I've reduced my dairy intake. Definitely a bummer since summer equals ice cream (at least, for me it does). Good thing one of us gets to enjoy it. IMG_3386 ICECREAM

Mike and Amelia spent some time catching up on current events (or just the sales at Best Buy)... IMG_3418

And we're finding ways to beat the summer heat.

Me: Hey, Will, want to play in your Spongebob sprinkler?
Will: Yeah!
Me: Ok, let's get ready.
*We put on his swimsuit and sunblock. We turn on the sprinkler. Will runs through it once while I take a picture.*
Will: *in extremely annoying whiney voice* I don't want to get wet! IMG_3373

At least he likes the pool (most of the time). IMG_3404

To round out our week of activities, Amelia continued to look cute while doing her least favorite thing (second to sleeping) -- tummy time!

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