Friday, August 17, 2012

Because staying out past bedtime is so worth it. Part 2.

Continuing our summer tradition of going to the county fair, this year we went to the largest one in Virginia. Yahoooooooo!

Miss Amelia had a brief nap in her stroller and spent the rest of the evening checking everything out.  I think she liked all the movement and lights.IMG_3910
Check out those thighs! Scrumptious. 

These kinds of things are always so damn expensive, yet so worth the memories.  Besides, things like braces and savings accounts are more like 'wants.'  Amiright?

Will had access to unlimited 'spinny rides' thanks to his magical paper bracelet.
The race car ride was  his fave.


Mike and I thought we'd attach one of the bracelets as loosely as possible so we could trade it back and forth to ride with Will. But, apparently the carnies are on to this kind of trickery because the man insisted he put them on for us.  Bah.IMG_3875

I love this picture of Mike riding amongst all the children on this mini-coaster.  Gets me every time.IMG_3899

Mike trying to convince Will that the Tilt a Whirl is going to rock his 2 (almost 3!) year old world...IMG_3940

The only thing that would've made this night more amazing was if I had better hair for this picture.  And maybe a funnel cake.  I opted for the cotton candy and later wished I would've put more thought into it.IMG_3959

There's always next year... IMG_3923 IMG_3950

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Rebecca said...

Mike on the rollercoaster? Priceless.