Monday, August 13, 2012


Happiness is...

 Squishy baby love. IMG_3763
She wakes us at the crack of dawn and is pure delight. Everyone should be this happy at 6 AM.

Happiness is....

Holding Squishy Baby.  Amelia fits so perfectly in our arms. I wish time would slow itself just a bit. IMG_3787 IMG_3799-2

Happiness is...

Riding down grassy hills in toy cars pulled from the neighbor's trash.

Happiness is...

This.  Nuff said.

A chubby baby wrapped in a hooded towel makes me very happy.
Note Big Brother's picture on the wall.  Taken the day he turned three months (which Amelia will be tomorrow).  They look just a little alike.  Just a little.

Happiness is...

A cupcake the size of your head.

Candles, singing Happy Birthday, and making wishes are a few of Will's favorite things.  So we do all three quite often - even when there's no birthday to celebrate.

It makes him happy.

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Erin said...

Hearing you say "Oh my goodness!" on the video....I do the exact same thing. And now Brendan says it...quite cute.

Can't wait to be closer to you guys, especially that chubby baby.

Where did you get that huge cupcake??? Love him.