Thursday, August 30, 2012


Moments. Our days are full of them.

 There's the Holy s#$%, she's in the swing already! moment.  IMG_4249

Two evenings ago, I spontaneously decided we should have a dinner picnic at the park. We ate and watched Will ride his bike, then we tried Amelia out in the swing. She was all smiles for Daddy until I came around with the camera. IMG_4286
There's also the My husband looks like a cast member of Teen Mom moment.  Seriously, it's no wonder he was carded when we went to see Superbad. 

 Little does she know I managed to catch a glimpse of crinkle eye. IMG_4292


There's the Why did I spend 15 minutes lugging the easel outside and setting up the paints, for him to be 'all done' after just two minutes? moment.IMG_4272

Then, because I didn't learn my lesson, I spent 15 minutes cleaning out and setting up the water table. Only for Will to be 'all done' after two minutes. IMG_4278
Which was still plenty of time for him to completely soak himself. 

There's the Wait - is she about to roll over??!? moment.
IMG_4295 IMG_4306
She's so close!

There's the He threw the worst temper tantrum ever this morning so I feel extra mushy when I see him snuggling with his kitty and blanky moment.    IMG_4314

Until Will made it quite clear that there would be no more pictures. IMG_4317
For those who are curious, he got all tantrum-y when I tried to take him to the park. The. Park. 

There's the OHMYGOODNESS they're going to be 3!!!! moment.
Will at the park this morning. He told me, "I no cry today. I very happy." Sigh.

Last, but not least, we have the Amelia may be crying, and the lighting may not be great, but I'm going to get any picture I can of the two of them together moment.IMG_4324

And Amelia must've known how important it was to me, so she stopped crying for just a second.

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