Thursday, August 2, 2012

Swim class

On Monday we started swim lessons. This is Will's third summer taking the class, and while I pleaded with the county to let him take the next level up (because he is so obviously ready to move on), they insisted he needs to be three. Bah.

 But first, some toddler lovin' that took place before class... IMG_3442 IMG_3448
I'd take him up on that cheese stick, Claire. You of all people know how much he hates to share.


Will tolerates the little songs and noodles for short periods of time, but mostly he just begs to go underwater. IMG_3474

He loves to jump though. IMG_3491

Claire, not so much... IMG_3488

Miss Amelia likes to cheer them both on from the sidelines. IMG_3461

We were able to get out to the park a couple mornings this week. Will is a rock star on his trike. I see a real bike in his Christmas future.

Will had this poor kid carrying his trike all over the park. "You want it over here?" I heard the boy asking him. "No, over there!" Will insisted. Bossy, bossy Will. IMG_3506

Amelia has been taking decent naps (in her swing only - yeah, I know), so Will and I try to squeeze in some fun. Water balloons! IMG_3575

Oh my gosh, he LOVES water balloons. IMG_3583

He also loves this sensory bin - some dry beans, a plastic container, and some random junk from the kitchen/sandbox. IMG_3588 IMG_3589

We managed to do a little book/activity combo (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many good food ideas on Pinterest). IMG_3533

Totally emptied both containers of sprinkles. IMG_3547
Looks good, no? 

True to form, Will only ate a couple bites and he was all done.strawberry When Amelia isn't sleeping in her swing, she's sitting in it all cute like, and I must take her picture. Many pictures. IMG_3607 IMG_3603
Starting to grasp toys!



Bek said...

Aww, Stephen is also in a swim class these 2 weeks.. Since he is already 3, I put him in the guppies group. The first day was a nightmare, but has been improving every day since. I don't like how they have the classes scheduled either.. Not enough different classes within the age groups, especially if there are 2 year olds that are ready to move on, they should be able to.. and if there are older ones that need mommy a little bit longer in the water, they should have that too.
Why not get him a bike for his birthday? Stephen couldn't really use the trike, but learned to ride a bike over the summer with my parents.. I'm really looking forward to some fall weather to get out more!

Nadine said...

Thank you for taking so many great photos at swim class!