Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three months old


Amelia is three months old. *big heavy sigh*

While Will wins the award for easier newborn, she is proving to be a much easier little baby.  She has a pleasant demeanor (most of the time), and is pretty content to tag along on outings.

Some other noteworthy items:

Sleep - Amelia sleeps from 9ish-6ish (still in our room).  She usually catnaps in her car seat during a morning trip to the park, library, or store.  When we're home, and I take the time to swaddle her, she'll sleep all afternoon (about 4 hours!) in her swing.

Feeding - She's still nursing (quite a bit) and refuses the bottle.  We stopped the Prevacid, and now that I'm dairy free, she seems to be doing great!

Play - Amelia is still Team Tummy Time Sucks.  I really need to stick with it, but after a couple minutes I give in.  She's starting to like her play mat, but her greatest love is still the bouncy seat.

Development - She's beginning to grasp toys and seems to prefer the ones that make crinkle sounds.   My favorite new thing are baby giggles, which can be heard when you kiss or blow bubbles on her tummy.

Sibling love - Will is 'over it.'  The excitement of having a new baby sister appears to be over.  While he'll occasionally decide he wants to kiss her feet or give her a toy, he mostly just ignores her.  However, he's still doing very well with sharing my attention.

She's getting so big so fast.  Feel free to slow down a bit, Time.


Anonymous said...

I hope the grassy area is clean and she didn't get any bugs on her.

Carrie said...

Laid her right on a pile of Ellie's poop, Mom.