Wednesday, September 19, 2012

4 months old

Last Friday, Miss Amelia Jane turned four months. IMG_4702-2_zps46e23f01

Since she decided not to nap all day, I felt it was fair to force her into a photo shoot to mark the occasion.IMG_4715-3_zpsfba50d39

Amelia is such a sweet baby. She tags along on school runs, errands, and park outings with very little complaining.  And she smiles all the time.

At the doctor's yesterday she weighed in at 14 pounds, 14 ounces. Still in the higher percentile (75th), but her growth has definitely slowed. In fact, she only weighs 14 oz. more than Will did at his 4 month visit, yet she started off at twice his size. IMG_4724-3_zpsdb12fbb6

Still no progress on Operation Bottle. Which, I suppose, means that I will not be in Baltimore this Sunday to watch my Patriots. Such a bummer.

Amelia now sleeps in her crib, rolls over, and seems to like her jumper. While she gives us plenty of smiles, she makes me work hard for baby laughs. She likes to growl and squeal.

 She also likes to do sit ups. I think she may have the best baby abs on the block. IMG_4735_zps18306780

Lately she doesn't want me to put her down and I must carry her everywhere I go. This gets a little tricky with her older brother's frequent trips to the potty. IMG_4745_zps6884e7a2

IMG_4764_zpsec05736a IMG_4771_zps09593389

And right about now she's wishing she would've taken that nap... IMG_4755_zps2d12dd4f

We love you, Little Miss! Can't to see what this month has in store! IMG_4713-3_zpsfac73e78