Monday, September 24, 2012

Feeling kinda Sunday

Last week we started a fun little Sunday tradition of setting up the TV outside and watching the games on the deck. We enjoy the fall weather, eat a ton, and have a good time. 

My mommy loves me and Tom Brady. Yep. September2012013

In lieu of a nap, I gave Will the opportunity to lay in our bed and watch a show. September2012002

I returned to check on him and discovered that all of our newly folded clean clothes had been dumped out of the hamper and on to the floor.  When I questioned Will, he told me he had to build a sand castle with our clothes.

Silly, Will!
September2012062 September2012033

Will was in a very lovey mood yesterday, which, sadly, is quite rare these days. September2012038 September2012063 September2012068 September2012082

A fire and s'mores (and a Patriots loss - boo) rounded out our football Sunday. September2012099 September2012087 September2012054

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