Thursday, September 13, 2012

This week

My little butterfly took his wings and flew off to school this week. IMG_4465

There were no tears (from either of us). I had to chase after him for a goodbye kiss and, just like that, he became my even bigger boy. On both days, his teacher checked off the 'cheerful' box, which is a perfect word to describe him (most of the time). There's been some talk of moving him to the next class up. I have some apprehensions, but, for the most part, I'm ready to let him soar. I'm so very proud of him.

We've gone to the park every afternoon because, with weather this gorgeous, what else should one do?    IMG_4656

Amelia thinks the big kids are so cool.  If only she thought sleeping through the night was cool.  Yeah, she doesn't do that anymore. IMG_4663
Yes, Becky. She's wearing the dress again. But it's my favorite, OK?

IMG_4668 IMG_4672 IMG_4673

Rolling down the hill. Or something like that. IMG_4679


Rebecca said...

I was totally going to comment but you beat me to it. Some day Amelia is going to look back at her pictures and say "Jesus, didn't anyone buy me any clothes?" And I will tell her wonderful stories about all the pretty outfits. Because there won't be any photographic proof. ;)

Amy said...

aw, glad school went well! amelia is too cute, her rolls are too much, i love them! and that dress is too stinking cute