Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You see me rolling.

Amelia is not a newborn anymore. She's a little baby now and is doing all kinds of little baby things. IMG_4372

On Friday night, at 2:50 AM, Amelia let out a shriek. I went to her room - because she sleeps in her crib now! - and there she was... Laying on her tummy and hating it.   IMG_4376
She's re-creating the shriek in this picture.

Now she rolls in both directions because she is AMAZING.  If only I could break her of the night swaddle.

She's also reaching for things.  Like toys and fingers and faces.

She thinks her big brother is pretty cool and likes to watch everything he does.  Sadly, a day after announcing that 'Melia is my favorite friend ever,' Will told me he doesn't want her anymore.  But I suppose that's just typical sibling stuff.
Our three day weekend, in a nutshell. 

Amelia has settled into somewhat of a routine and naps 2-3 times a day in her crib.  As long as she gets her rest, she is a really sweet (easy!) baby.

She even likes tummy time now! IMG_4412-2

Well, not really, but she just rolls herself on to her back and is all good.


Alexandra Stafford said...

She is freaking adorable!

Amy said...

her rolls are super cute! I'm dreading the roll over phase...oh and moving him to his crib for the crappy sleeps to begin, ha ha!

Watch Calder Grow! said...

She is SOOOO freaking cute! I just want to squeeze her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture. Definitely one to enlarge and frame.