Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sports Development Class

We were really excited to sign Will up for the sports development class offered through our county Parks and Rec. program.  It's a 4 week class for 3-5 year olds and started just after Will's third birthday.  The class covered the basics of soccer, basketball, and baseball.

I can't lie: it was awful.

In addition to Will being way too young for it, I didn't think it was structured appropriately.  Think three drills in a one hour span...  That's 20-25 minutes of kicking a soccer ball to a partner!  Totally painful.  I spent the majority of this class encouraging Will to participate, trying to keep him focused, taking yet another trip to the water fountain, all with Amelia teetering on my hip.

Then when it was time to do something more fun, say, shooting a basketball in the hoop...?  You're divided into two groups, waiting in lines that are 7-10 kids deep.  Yeah...  Not fun.  By the time it was finally Will's turn, I was literally picking him up off the floor while he's all, "No, Mommy, I rolling."

AND, have you any idea how long it takes children in the 3-5 year range to hit a baseball that is being thrown to them?  Of course we must wait for Every. Single. Child. to hit the ball AND run the bases ('No, Clarence, this way!  Clarence, where are you going?'  This way!'  and 'Don't forget to cheer on your friends!').  Yay!  Not.

Folks, this is the stuff nightmares are made of.  Although, the video below is kind of cute, I think.

Amelia: Go, Will, go!  No, seriously go.  Get your ass off the bench and actually participate in this $45 class.

Will was hilar with this 'dot' business.  He took the directions to stay on the dot very seriously.  Like, when he wanted to get a drink, he'd take the dot with him.  LOL forever. 
IMG_5292 IMG_5298

So, Will, now that you've completed sports development class, what are you going to do next???

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A few things we did this week.

We're very excited to celebrate a certain someone's first Halloween.

I didn't get to do the baby-in-a-pumpkin thing the last go 'round as Will was only a month old and weighed in at about 6 pounds.  I was thrilled to get to do this with at least one of my babies.  I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of time I spent preparing this pumpkin to meet my photographic standards.  I actually worked on it several times over the course of a few days, and kept it in the fridge until the weather warmed up mid-week (80 degrees in late October!).

And Amelia...  Oh, Amelia did not disappoint.  She is such a good sport.

We tried it with a bow, too.

But, yeah...  She rocked that pumpkin hat.
Go, Girl!

We tried on big brother's first Halloween costume (because every 6 pounder needs an over-sized dog outfit to wear for a total of 30 minutes).

She's a little stuffed in there, but OH MY...  So.  Stinkin'.  Cute. IMG_5481
Bring it, Halloween.

We enjoyed aforementioned 80 degree weather at the park.  Seriously, we go there every day.  Yesterday we went twice.
IMG_5864 IMG_5871-2

Mommy has been very Pinterest motivated lately.  I even entertain notions of doing an entire month of Pinterest.  I get excited just thinking about it.  A Pinterest a Day December, perhaps?  Oh yeah...  The wheels are churning.

This little project involved a silicone pie pan (from the dollar section at Walmart), a paint brush, shaving cream, and food dye.  Will helped with that and squeezed every color in each bowl, which is why we have 4 different mixed colors instead of 4 different separate colors.  For the record, I'm cool with this.

"A crocodile!!"

Sweet Baby Girl had a big, big week.  On Monday, the beginnings of a tooth popped through her tender gums.  I thought she was teething, but honestly, I felt a little clueless since Will was the easiest teether ever.  She has definitely been uncomfortable and it's tough to watch.

In other news, Amelia sported her first real hair do.

I'm absolutely inept at doing hair, so, really, it's only fitting that my baby girl has a head full. IMG_5908

I have second thoughts about sharing this picture as doing so might cause this post to go in to cuteness overload.  Oh well, I'm risking it.
Getting so good at those baby push ups!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Fall fun

I know this is a project just about everyone undertakes: the Rice Krispies pumpkin. This was my first year doing it with Will.

 Total concentration. IMG_5699

As you can see, they looked more like Rice Krispies blobs. Absolutely delectable. Not. We snacked a bit while we were creating, then I tossed them in the trash when Will wasn't looking. Also, I was sure to cover them up because Will is a total George Costanza and loves to eat from the trash. IMG_5708

Speaking of eating, we braved our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch on Saturday. I use the phrase 'braved' as Will has never been easy to eat out with. But, he did great. IMG_5735

I always wondered who those babies were. You know, the ones that were totally content to sit in their car seats, looking around or sometimes even *gasp* SLEEPING. Well, now I know because I have one of my very own. I'm such a lucky gal. IMG_5739

After lunch, it was off to the airshow. OK, not really. We kind of missed the actual show part, but we did get to see some small airplanes landing and taking off. IMG_5750

I thought it was all a little boring until Will corrected me, "No, Mommy. It not boring. It fun!" Ok, then. IMG_5756

It was fun!

So. Much. Fun. IMG_5761
While we were there a woman told me, "You win the cutest baby contest." See? It's not all in my head.

I know someone who's very excited to go on an airplane ride of his own.  Just two more weeks!

Want to know where we're going? I'll let Will tell you in another post.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

At the pumpkin patch. Again.

Today we went to the smallish pumpkin patch that's just around the corner from home.  It's usually a smaller event.  Something we once did as just the two of us until we expanded to include friends (and now we expand once more for baby A).

Before unloading Will and the junk that accompanies us on all outings, I fed Amelia in the front seat.  Will, still strapped in his car seat, repeated, "Mommy, I really want to get out of the car." like, a million times.  Dude was excited.
IMG_5650IMG_5688 IMG_5690

By far, the coolest thing to happen today was getting Will's face painted like a spooky pumpkin. IMG_5638 IMG_5644


The only picture I took of Baby A. Oops! IMG_5642 IMG_5655

It feels like a lifetime since we last saw our buddies. They had so much fun together. IMG_5677 IMG_5675-2
"Here, Claire, you can have my fruit snacks."  Aw.


There was a box set up requesting name suggestions for the two new baby pigs.  I had them each tell me a name to write.  Claire chose 'Piglet' and Will chose 'Blah Blah.'  Nice names, no?

So. Much. Fun.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Life, lately.

Last Saturday, I tried my hand at yard-saling. My mom's neighborhood was hosting, and since no advertising was required on my part, I set up shop.

 Hi! Come buy our crap. IMG_5509
OMG, Amelia was outside with us for 5 hours and was amazingly happy.  Best. Baby. Ever.

I made $116. A fair showing, but I learned some things for next time. For instance, yes, Will has some beautiful sweaters, and some barely worn Gymboree cords, but I must get over myself and price them lower. Also, people don't want to dig in bins, so determine a new display. Next spring, I will step up my game. I predict a much better outcome.

But I still out-sold my mom.

Will and Mike joined us after, and since it was such a nice day, we took a walk to feed some ducks. IMG_5529 IMG_5526

Anytime we do this, Will ends up eating the stale bread because "I a duck too!" So then he decided to quack at Amelia. And everyone else that walked by. IMG_5532 IMG_5543

Mike and I are quite convinced we have the cutest baby on the planet.  Biased, you say?  No way.

Today was kind of a blah day.  Cloudy and gross with some rain.  I let Will wear his new jammies all day (I LOVE kids wearing cute jammies), and we just hung out.

A little Pinterest project...

A thin layer of baking soda in a shallow pan, bowls of white vinegar colored with dye, and a dropper and spoons.

Fizzy fun.  Will said, "It talking to me!"

Apparently the lady who originally posted this idea said it kept her two year old busy for 1 hour and her four year old busy for two hours....

22 minutes here.

Then I got to break out the vacuum because it became a big crumbly mess all over the place.  Oh well.  Such is life.

Yesterday someone turned...

Oh goodness.  How I love her.  She is just squishy and sweet and so darn loveable.

Recently we tried some oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and bananas.  I was going to wait, but she is so darn interested in what I'm eating and drinking, I thought she was ready.  She's not.  So we'll try again later.

She took a break from rolling over for several weeks (not sure if she forgot how...?), but she's back at it again.  She's got the back to front thing down, but struggles with the front to back.  Meanwhile, I get to console her during every middle of the night waking until she figures it all out.  Yayness.  I miss my good sleeper!!  Naps are still a crap shoot.


She reaches for, grasps, and holds objects.

Smiles just about everytime you talk to her.  LOVES to look at herself in the mirror.  Not a huge fan of floor play.  Likes to be held facing out so she can see everything happening around her.  Enjoys car and stroller rides.  Totally content in the baby swings at the park.  Drools all the time.  Puts everything in her mouth.  Big finger chewer.  Takes the paci sometimes.  Still no bottle.  Giggles more often.  Hair hangs in her eyes!

Easy. Sweet. Socialable.  Jumper.

Last fall I got a Halloween cookbook from the dollar section at Target.  I let Will pick out some things for us to make.

Starting with...
Monster toes.
Made with hot dogs and tortillas (cut into strips and microwaved between damp paper towels for 15 seconds to make them easier to manipulate).  Baked for 8 minutes at 350 (375? I forget.)  Ketchup or mustard in hollowed out tips for nails.  Easy peasy.

Will made me wipe off the ketchup and only ate two bites.  Ah, well.  I liked them.

Also, today, Will helped me change 'Melia's diaper.

He loves to be my helper boy.